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A topic by Finger Candy created Dec 03, 2015 Views: 456 Replies: 4
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Fuball is a 2-4 player multiplayer sports game that's been in development for about 3-4 months. We've worked really hard it and we've released it for free:

Really we just want people to play it because it's made for groups of people to play, go grab a friend and some controllers and just have at it. The controls are weird and different but you'll master them, I promise!

This looks really cool! I'm always down for a minimalistic multiplayer game. What made you want to release it for free? I know it's often tough to sell multiplayer games if you're not very well known (tried and failed myself), but I feel like this game is worth at least 3-5 dollars.

Hey thanks! We decided to release it for free because we just wanted as many people as possible to play it. It was never intended to be a commercial success, more something that we could play with our friends and that others would enjoy playing with their friends! :) We appreciate you checking it out. Are you having fun with it?

i havent had a chance to wrangle some of my friends together to play it yet, just watched the trailer. i do intend to play it once i get someone else willing to try it out with me!

We hope you enjoy it! We're still actively developing it so be sure to let us know what you think and what we should add/change. :)