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Thanks! I'm glad you loved it!

Excellent, I'm glad to hear that you liked it. Thanks for your feedback!

Hey, thanks for checking it out again! I'll try playing around with your suggestions and see what works :)

No problem and sure, I'll let you know!

Hey, check out the GitHub page!

Mhmm...well, allow me a day or two to review them.

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Tbh, I'm not really sure what license I should use for this game. I use All Rights Reserved for the meantime. 

This is heartwarming, and I love the details :)

Well crap...I encountered an elusive bug and I'm having a hard time fixing it. I also need to do other stuff as well before releasing. Sorry, everyone, I'm gonna have to delay the release to tomorrow!

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This has nice graphics, cool music, and a nice concept but the controls are somewhat clunky and it's preventing me from fully enjoying the game. For example, the jump button is sometimes not responsive and the jump height is not consistent. Anyways, I believe if the controls are fixed then this game would be very enjoyable :)

I develop my games that way as well and I get that appeal of making a game look and feel good. It is certainly a "top-down" approach to development but the instant visual feedback is awesome.

Awesome! And hey, I'm happy that you called my game's graphics the most good-looking :D I appreciate that!


Yes, I also commented on your reddit post!

Probably one of the best games I played in this jam. The skill tree system, the animations, and the sound effects are amazing and there is a lot of polish for something that is still in development.

Great job!

Pretty cool game! The charge drains a bit too fast which makes it somewhat difficult to beat but I understand you're still polishing the game. Also, the animations and the graphics are pleasing to look at. 

I like it!

The minigames are great, and that ending got me a bit worried for a second haha

This is really cool! It's a short but fun experience!

Good for a first game!

I can't seem to reproduce that bug in the latest release (1.0.3).  Were there some other things that you did that might have led to you experiencing the error?

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Not at this moment, no. I'm currently restructuring the codebase and overhauling its gameplay as part of an update. Although, I will be looking for translators in the future.

I like this concept! I hope you can take it further =) I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Cheers! =)

I don't think it's a good idea in the long run to keep your assets and codebase on your internal storage. Data corruption is pretty common.

There's good tutorials on YouTube about using GitHub. They're mostly 20 minutes long but it will save you a lifetime of pain.

If you find the command line stuff in GitHub difficult to use, then you can use GitHub Desktop instead. It's the GUI version of GitHub.

Well, that sucks. Have you considered using GitHub or something similar to store your assets? I recommend you use that, and trust me you'll have a lot less headache if you did.

I like it :) The portals were a great addition and a nice way to deviate from games of similar concept.

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Hahaha that reminds me of Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It. Who knows? Maybe I'll add narration in the background to emphasize the pointlessness of the game or to talk about the glory of mashing your keys? 

Thanks for the feedback and thank you for playing!

A strangely fun game which reminds me of the old Tamagotchi games I used to play and it also reminds me a bit of Undertale. I like the black-and-white graphics although it paired with the music gives off an eerie vibe. Anyways, I think you did a good job with this game!

This has an amazing soundtrack, however, I think the gameplay could definitely use some more work. Don't get me wrong, though, I very much like the concept and I think you could expand more upon it. Additionally, I echo the others' sentiments that I had much trouble finding the locations.

 With all that said, though, good work and good luck on its development!

It's okay in its current stage. I understand this is still in development so I'll give some feedback. First, I find the movement too "slippery" so I suggest you tone that down. Second, I think you should make it so that the obstacles gradually increase in speed (like in that offline Dinosaur game). Good job anyways and I'm wishing you luck in its development :)

Thank you! I'm glad that the feedback and visuals are appreciated! Yes admittedly, there's not much to the game. It's just a remake of an old game of mine with much nicer visuals and cleaner code. Thanks for playing :D

Thank you! Thanks for playing ^_^

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Thanks for the feedback! I've been getting that a lot where people are confused what to do when starting the game. I'm adding a 'Help' section and implementing this other game mode that I initially discontinued in the next update :)

Thanks for playing!

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Yes,  you press keys to gain score. Sorry for not communicating it clearly and if it caused confusion. I'm working on an update so that the players can understand what the game is even about.

Anyways, thanks! I'm glad you liked it and I'll take your feedback into account of course.

Great game!

I'm currently on Chapter 6.I must say, the graphics are really impressive! I really like Chapter 5 and how the arena gets smaller and smaller and that final attack is a challenge!

As for bugs, I did remember killing the Croissant guy only to get killed afterwards.It was a bit frustrating but I know this is still beta so I let it pass for now.

Great job, nonetheless. I'm recommending your game to my friends :) 

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Woah! This is a really impressive game! I like the battle system and it reminds me of Undertale and other bullet hell games. Keep it up, dude!

My one suggestion is that the character's movement seems a bit slow and I think you should increase it just a tiny bit. Also, the text is a bit difficult to read at times. Other than those, this game is very impressive considering it was done using pygame! 

I had fun playing your game. I really like the procedurally generated levels and the gameplay. My only gripe is that I can't use the WASD movement. But still, well done!

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Impressive! I really like the isometric style and how you accomplished that with pygame. There were some moments that I am not a fan of like the backtracking part to get the coffee and the issues with the camera. Aside from those, I think the game is good!

Also, a tip: If you aren't using it, exclude numpy when compiling with PyInstaller. In the cmd, use --exclude-module=numpy line. Numpy takes up a lot of space and people aren't too keen about downloading games that have large file sizes.

It's very fun and executed quiet well! I love this game :D

My high score is 275!