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I wasn't expecting to get as into this as I did, especially because I'm not really one for dating sims, but I really started to get into it as I started piecing things together and weird questions started popping up that I wanted answers to. The final act (post-auction) was surprisingly meaty, I had thought it was going to end shortly after that but was surprised it went on as long as it did. I wasn't too big a fan of the art, but the writing really strung me along, as it was genuinely funny and interesting. I also think it's worth noting that I played this with my sister, and funnily enough, we kept accidentally guessing plot points as jokes just before they happened. Not to say that the story is predictable, because it certainly isn't, we just had a lot of funny coincidences. I look forward to any sequel that may come someday!

That's strange, killing ghosts should always work. Some go down in multiple hits, some go down in only one. The Shambler (the basic weirdly proportioned thing) goes down in one, while the Sentry (the giant face that shoots bullets) goes down in three. It all just depends on the enemy.

1. Heya! I'm Ethan. I like puns a lot, and consider myself decent at writing and quick wit.

2. Didn't participate in the last one. One of my friends tipped me off to this jam's existence, so I decided to join to try a new genre.

3. Oooh, I like all sorts of games. Really, it would be easier to tell you the ones I don't like: Fighting, racing, trading card games. Also, any game that doesn't have any sort of end goal beyond beating your own score, a la Crossy Road. I want some form of direction in my games. I wanted to make games for a long time, but never got around to learning anything until the past year or so.

4. I have, like I said before, about a year of experience. I have 6 games out on my team's website (, but I only had a hand in 4.

5. I just want to make games that people will hopefully enjoy. I want to improve the world a little bit with my games. I want somebody to point to one of my games and say: "That, that right there, brightened up my day a little bit."

Good luck to you all!