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1. Heya! I'm Ethan. I like puns a lot, and consider myself decent at writing and quick wit.

2. Didn't participate in the last one. One of my friends tipped me off to this jam's existence, so I decided to join to try a new genre.

3. Oooh, I like all sorts of games. Really, it would be easier to tell you the ones I don't like: Fighting, racing, trading card games. Also, any game that doesn't have any sort of end goal beyond beating your own score, a la Crossy Road. I want some form of direction in my games. I wanted to make games for a long time, but never got around to learning anything until the past year or so.

4. I have, like I said before, about a year of experience. I have 6 games out on my team's website (, but I only had a hand in 4.

5. I just want to make games that people will hopefully enjoy. I want to improve the world a little bit with my games. I want somebody to point to one of my games and say: "That, that right there, brightened up my day a little bit."

Good luck to you all!


Happy to know more and more people like you want to make games that will make change someone's life maybe just a little bit. It's nice to make people feel.