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hey - really appreciate that! Will definitely add more features after the jams ends up!

Great work! The game was fun. I love the gloomy and the blue red effect (I don’t know the name). Super stretchy human doll!

Hey, I’m happy to made your day. Yes, it was not my intention to make the game real quick. Thank you for your feedback. Will definitely add some gameplay after the jam ends.

Nice work and commitment!

Love the gameplay, what’s the story behind the flying car? :)

Greate work! I felt small when walking on the stair :) Could have put a little story in it :)

Yes, due to lack of time and doing some other stuff, I’m not surprise tho x) hiks. Thank you for playing and leaving a comment :)

Nice game, you could’ve add a horn sound to prevent the player. It was funny to hear the hen. And one thing is that, I’ve been trapped by going beyond the area haha. Crossing the river was hard for me. Nice work anyway! :)

Thank you, I will correct it

Sounds good! Will definitely watch it!

je me suis dit aussi

j’ai pas compris comment le clown se deplace

Great! Thank you

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So, I wasn’t in my mood and I plaid your flappy chicken

hello, do I need a card bank to make the web monetization with coil? thank you

Do I need a bank card to use coil?

Nice, thank you

rip grand ma

I got 20 pumpkins. thx

Hey, I just played the game Koto Antivir. Really nice and cute game. It simple and clean. Love it!

Sorry, it might be late. But I just found that player have to interact with the game screen. Try clicking on the unity logo as it starts up and you will can play

Did you try with the web version or the installation one?

Haha, thank you I saw your answer on my comment

Love the concept

Genius, I really enjoy playing this game

Genius, I really like it

The game is well-made. I really enjoy myself to move the character. It feels like I'm in my screen and I'm the one who is bitten by the aliens. It's a good Idea to pute some doughnuts. It's a really good trap.

thank you @LeafLet for your honest feedback. My team and I will try our best to make the game more enjoyable.

Don't be sorry @Lytesander. I'm thankful that you give us your most honest feedback. I'll do my best to make it less broken as you said. Thank you again.