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This is incredibly cool, it would probably be possible to do the same with pixels instead of ASCII characters, right?

Thanks for the input, I never even thought about that, good idea! I'm considering making a version 2 with less slippery movement and if I do I will also add this. 

Idioms are great game jam material! It's awesome that you liked my games art style, while making it I was worried I'd be the only one!

Thank you for the feedback. At the last minute I realised the movement was slippery and tried to fix it but I guess it didn't work because you are now the second person to mention it. If I ever make a full version I will certainly fix the movement. Thanks again for you feedback and I'm sorry that first person games make you nauseous (I've had that happen to me before but it was usually frame rate related).

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Thanks for the feedback. I don't know if I'll add any changes to this game considering that it was made for a game jam (maybe I'll do a full release version). You can stop your momentum in air but not if you're moving too fast . Try just tapping W while making small jumps. You can also turn in midair by turning your mouse (as you noticed). A combination of these techniques should be able to get you up that staircase. I promise it's possible. Both me and someone who tested my game were able to do it. Thanks again and I will definitely look into increasing midair control if more people are having this issue and/or I decide to make a full release version.

Looks great! I'll try it tomorrow.

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I seem to be the only person so far to make a game based on the idiom's meaning rather than taking it literally. I would have thought it would be the other way around. In my game you are actually searching everywhere for hidden coins. :P

Thank you!


I emailed you with a link to download my trailer. It is only about 40 seconds long, and shows the full release and game jam release in comparison.

thank you! I will send in my video soon :)

Cool but why does the end to voting keep being pushed back? I would like to see the rankings.

I did! Cool game!

Enjoy :)


Enjoyed playing but could not give it full points for the theme because of missing enemies sprites.

I'm not sure if the asset store was allowed.

Cool though!

It was quite laggy for me when I tried... Probably just the where the server is related to where I am though.

My game is doing well!

Option 2 for sure!