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Sorry. Sticky

A topic by STGJ Blayke created Oct 25, 2017 Views: 70 Replies: 3
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Unfortunately I just don't have time to set up another game jam for this weekend, however there will be one the week after that. I will try to keep them weekly but it's not always going to be possible. Sorry if you were planning on doing it this weekend, but I hope to see you the following weekend.

Also could everyone who submitted a game in this jam, please read the "It's Over" Thread on what to do for the video, if you don't want to do one, please email me.


Cool but why does the end to voting keep being pushed back? I would like to see the rankings.


idk, was just giving it a bit more time to get more votes, i'll just set it to today.


thank you! I will send in my video soon :)