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Any news on the next update?

In giantess mode, you need to get the card from the mess hall then go back to the first room with the guards and go in the door around the corner and turn off the power then the door with the red light won't alert the guards. Make sure you shut the door behind you each time you go through the main door. There's a camera screen on the inside of the main door so you can check where the guards are when you exit. Hope this helps. =)

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After you grow big enough, there's a small blue circle directly in front of you, you have to line that up with a barrel to pick it up, same with the people after you've got the barrels. It's a bit hard to see it though so you might have to move around until the blue circle lines up with what you want to pick up

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I think you need to do it more than once, there should be a bar on the side of the screen if i remember that tells you when you can grow, then go find the nuclear power plant and grab the barrels there

You have to get up close to someone like really close then make sure it's aimed at them, then fire. That should work

When you download the new version make sure you're loading that one, delete the old version or rename the folder like "FlattenedOld" and make a new folder "FlattenedHD" for the new one, then you'll know which one is the newest. 

One thing you could possibly try, see if you can load up a different game that's similar to this and see if it works fine, like VRChat or something like Sizebox which i think use the same engine/assets, see if it's just this game that is having issues or if other similar games are also failing to load properly. 

The new update looks pretty good and the game looks promising, just a few things to mention though.

The lighting in the gauntlet levels or at least the lighting for the models, are they meant to be that dark or is that a glitch?

As someone else has mentioned, there are a couple of bugs with the cars on gauntlet. Sometimes they fall/clip through the ground, sometimes they also get pushed into a position that prevents moving past and have to wait for the giant to kick them out of the way or restart the level.

Also as mentioned by others, the lag on the new level only seems to happen (at least for me) when the camera is pointing in a certain direction, but when pointed in a different direction (facing a different part of the map) it stops lagging completely. Not sure if there is an object/s causing the lag or something else.

All in all though i'm looking forward to the future of this game, new levels and more character models would be great of course but i am happy to wait for those as i know there's plenty of technical stuff (bugs and glitches ect) to sort out first. Keep up the good work. =]

Both the gauntlet levels seem to just have one level each but the track is split into two parts, just pay attention to the giant, if you've reached the 2nd half of the track they will stop walking back to where you first started and now the halfway point will be their new starting point on both levels.

Check your graphics card drivers are up to date, check there are no anti-virus programs stopping it, try lowering graphics settings, run as administrator. If none of those work then i'm not too sure what the problem/solution is.

If you turn the camera to face a certain direction on that level the lag will stop, just try and turn the camera until the lag stops and keep it focused on that direction, it makes it harder to know where you're going but at least the lag should stop, worked for me anyway.

You need the ID card from the mess room, then go to electrical room and hit switch, then go back and get the weapon. As for the guards just make sure they aren't looking when you go through the door, on the other side there is a camera so you can check where they are before you come back out.

No need to rush it, take as much time as you need with the updates, that being said i'm looking forward to the next one you're doing great work  =]

i hear ya, I've only tried the 2 levels with Megan and Jill so far and reached the goal on both, but boy was it hard to get there with Jill stomping around she was definitely more difficult to avoid, but that also made it fun as well :)

Just discovered this game recently and am enjoying it so far. I'll be watching this page and looking forward to more updates. Keep up the good work.

Just discovered this game recently, looking forward to the new build/updates.

Even just the 2 gauntlet stages at the moment are pretty fun, managed to reach the goal in both. Jill was definitely harder to avoid than Megan  being so big but that also made it more fun and challenging too.