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One thing you could possibly try, see if you can load up a different game that's similar to this and see if it works fine, like VRChat or something like Sizebox which i think use the same engine/assets, see if it's just this game that is having issues or if other similar games are also failing to load properly. 

Whats sizebox? Where do I download it?

Look on reddit for the Sizebox subreddit, and you can download it there

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I've tried opening Flattened HD, fail.

I've tried opening Sizebox. Success, takes a couple of seconds but that's the content I have.

White screen is really annoying and is a blue screen essentially

Edit: Should mention I've tried both multiple times, and that I've tried a lot of troubleshooting. Nothing works to fix Flattened for me.

Edit2: And I only remember now that the previous version of Flattened was a flawless open

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Update on this, I had a download of Flattened.rar in an itch file, unpacked it and it was missing a file, something like resources.resS

I have no idea if it has something to do with the game on a white screen.

Something else too is that I uninstalled and then installed Flattened again, tried running it up again, and the screen was grey, but then white and... forever unusable.

Deja vu... nearly forgot to mention its only a data pack, no game

Ok I've played sizebox and it works just fine more or less