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A friggin weirdo

A member registered Feb 05, 2019

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Ok I've played sizebox and it works just fine more or less

Whats sizebox? Where do I download it?

Do you use windows 10 like I do? because in properties-compatibility there's no windows 10 option, I don't know if that has anything to do with this game not working for me either, I just want to know if that might have something to do with this game not working for some of us.

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Nothings working! It's like this game hates me! I *really* wanted to play this too...

I tried using my old,beat up windows 7 and while the game at least starts this time it refuses to finish loading gauntlet or giantess mode...It's like it's taunting me..

When I open the game I hear "hi little bugs" and then the music loops infinitely while the screen just stays white. Does anybody have a solution to this?

What do I do if the game won't start? I really want to play....

The game won't start for me it just stays as a white screen forever. Is there some trick I'm missing?

Honestly, I agree. I never played the original with sound to begin with....

Thanks for humoring me

Why? whats so bad about playing on a lower resolution? the new game button won't appear if it's any lower than 800x600.

I have some ideas that might be helpful.

Be able to turn the shaking off entirely

Have a map on the bottom corner of the screen and have the giant be a red dot on said map so they can't sneak up on you

make it so that people playing on a lower resolution can actually start the game because the start button is nowhere to be seen.

maybe be able to make a custom giant

make Amanda's eyes not glow in the dark, it's spooky D: