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The new update looks pretty good and the game looks promising, just a few things to mention though.

The lighting in the gauntlet levels or at least the lighting for the models, are they meant to be that dark or is that a glitch?

As someone else has mentioned, there are a couple of bugs with the cars on gauntlet. Sometimes they fall/clip through the ground, sometimes they also get pushed into a position that prevents moving past and have to wait for the giant to kick them out of the way or restart the level.

Also as mentioned by others, the lag on the new level only seems to happen (at least for me) when the camera is pointing in a certain direction, but when pointed in a different direction (facing a different part of the map) it stops lagging completely. Not sure if there is an object/s causing the lag or something else.

All in all though i'm looking forward to the future of this game, new levels and more character models would be great of course but i am happy to wait for those as i know there's plenty of technical stuff (bugs and glitches ect) to sort out first. Keep up the good work. =]

i think that the way gets blocked by some cars is not a bug, but perfectly fine. I would expect some troubles if you flee from a giant. And if you have to wait for him until he crushes that cars flat and... try to avoid getting underfoot is kind of funny. So i think there is no fix needed.... and how should you fix that? the cars fly randomly.^^

The giantess mode has indeed some bugs. I think there are too many objects in one direction... so the grafix card has extreme amount of work when you look into that direction.