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The game looks nice, I like the seamless transition from the title screen to the actual game. The sea and islands setting is also very nice. The clouds dissolving with shots and hiding hearts is a great mechanic, I just feel they should move at a different speed from the enemies.

I don't know if it's a bug or on purpose, but the ship doesn't move diagonally, or very infrequently. I also felt the enemies were too spongy. I wouldn't mind having to take much more per wave if I could mow them down more easily !

Thanks for the review ! It really nice to read people enjoying the charge system. I tried to add a little bit of strategy with it. And thanks for the kind on the intro screen, that took me some time to mess around ;)

Wow, thanks a lot ! I am glad you like it !

I loved it ! Especially :
- The UI and intro screen
- The starfield, great depth varied and colorful yet it doesn't get in the way of the action
- The bombing system, you get one bomb but it gets more powerful with each pickup. Really interesting in terms of strategy !
- The difficulty and speed of the game. Just nice for my taste.
- The little *pewpew* and "floaters" when you kill an enemy. Nice touch !

I was bit confused with having the enemies sprites sideways. I think they would have worked upstraight even with horizontal scrolling. Also sometimes the *pewpew* and *kaboom* were overloading the screen and confusing.

An overall great game, with a lot of personnality !

Really innovative take on the genre ! I was surprised by the "recoil" you get from shooting but I think I like it, it makes the game more strategic ! I love the idea of zones you can explore too.

Also, is music planned for the game ?

Thank you for your feedback ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

Great game, I loved :
- The visuals, cohesive color palette and HUD
- The starfield changing colors, nice touch
- The bomb being an actual missile that accelerates and collides with enemies.
- The power system

I thought the base enemy were too spongy and some waves a bit too big, slowing the game down.

But overall a great game !

Nice game, with great presentation !