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The game looks nice, I like the seamless transition from the title screen to the actual game. The sea and islands setting is also very nice. The clouds dissolving with shots and hiding hearts is a great mechanic, I just feel they should move at a different speed from the enemies.

I don't know if it's a bug or on purpose, but the ship doesn't move diagonally, or very infrequently. I also felt the enemies were too spongy. I wouldn't mind having to take much more per wave if I could mow them down more easily !

Thanks for the comments ! You are right, the ship does not move diagonally, I will add that in the next version.

Enemies are spongy and there are only a few per wave, by design. But it is a recurring criticism so I will consider changing that in the next version. Or perhaps add another game mode that is more "bullet hell" with continuous fire and weak (but numerous) enemies.