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Just export the game and then publish it here (?

What's your server on CraftStudio ???

Yeah sure!Do u have a discord so we can talk in?

Someone want to learn how to make games in CraftStudio ???

¿Alguien quiere aprender a como hacer juegos en Craftstudio??

I been trying but no

Do u have discord ,I will try to help you

If you want to make games together?

Hello there dude ! Want makes some games ???

SweetProductions do u have a server ??? Let's make a game together !

Hola,perdon,se que es medio tarde para contestarte pero... ¿Necesitas aprender sobre como funciona CraftStudio ?Yo puedo enseñarte

 I was using Game Maker has a normal day,BUT the life hates me and EVERY THING that i worked in the game just got deleted :D

So...Now i just changed from : A Platformer to an estrategic game ,to a puzzles platformer again to ...idk what i will do now,but i think i will be simulating "LUDUM DARE : SPACE BUNNY EDITION"

I just wrote this to show us ,if my game S0cks that i just made a bad game because the time .Bye guys and good luck ! 

Hello im Eze (He).Never finished a game  and i use Game Maker Studio because i have more experience with GML language and i think this is my first Jam

My game is about puzzles (im not original ,ok ?) and u need to solve it with your bunnies ,while you try to avoid some spikes and another traps.

That's all .Good luck to everyone !

Can i present my project as a demo of the game ?

The controls should  be :

 A , D and BackSpace ?


Arrow Left ,Arrow Right and BackSpace ?