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I definitely appreciate that =) However there isn't a messaging system as I can see so feel free to message me

Thank you for the kind words :-)

No idea why but I'm using a standard method???

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Hi Shaun, is there any chance to update this shader to work with existing GMS2 versions. On import it converts the project as it's an "old format". Consequently the shader is now broken whereas before it worked flawlessly. Thanks buddy.

*** It was the VCREDIST exe needed from Microsoft ***
*** Not your code at all sorry :-) ***

This application is an absolute godsend for any developer, pixel artist and/or level designer. To get the results that this application produces on a tile by tile basis would literally take weeks. To set rules and have control on the output is not only powerful but this is a real workhorse for simply "getting the job done!"

Awesome application, you are a god amongst men lol :-)

I'm a pixel artist myself, so don't really need to purchase art assets. However had to comment, this is so coooool lol!

Now supports JASC / RIFF palette format ;)

Yeh it's the Microsoft palette format that it accepts, it doesn't check headers or anything to determine other palette types. I should probably look into this. Glad you found your required palette anyway though lol.

I'll definitely take this into consideration for a future build :-)

Thank you for the heads-up Joel. I think this has now been done 😋

Sorry for the slow reply, my mum recently passed away so I've not been online much. Of course you can use the artwork in your game :-)

Where is the text link to the tampermonkey script file???

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Definitely.  Just looking at the Mandarin game. Very cool :-)
Email me : zingotgames ... gmail ... com

Haha, he's not on the toilet but I do remember thinking that myself when I first pixelled him :-)

2D pixel artist hoping to reach out to a coder. Hey a day has gone but I pixel fast :-)

Some of my work

Excellent news 👍

Will this be available for GMS 1.4.x? I'd certainly purchase it if it was, as I'm sure others would too.

Just a thank you to is fine :-)

GFXLib FuZED provides Level Tilesets, Game Sprites, Animations, Backgrounds, and all the extra gubbins too. Use to your hearts content commercially or otherwise.

FontPack features a number of bitmap fonts of varying sizes. 8x8, 8x16 etc... These can be used freely in your commercial projects too.

Alienesque Tileset
This tileset was somewhat inspired by Alien Breed on the Amiga. Not necessarily the graphics style as Rico is a pixel god :) but by the view (Gauntlet style also). Hope you like the tileset.