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Not exactly a "jumpscare" as in spooky ghost thing popping out unto yours truly, but there's a few scenes where things get loud & glitchy semi-unexpectedly. Please take care if you have decided to give the demo a go!

원래는 지금쯤 한국어 '패치'가 나왔...어야 했는데. 군복무로 끌려가버렸어요. OTL

다행히도 대체복무인지라 조금씩 진행은 되고 있다만 출퇴근 시간덕에 개발속도가 너어어어어ㅓ어ㅓㅓㅓ무 느립니다

I'm probably too late for this reply, but thank you so much!

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Yeah. One thing that I regret on this demo is that I objectively have failed to showcase more of the horror aspect of this project, and I really hope to cover that side of the game in the full product well enough.

Haha uh oh

Hello. Sorry for late reply; But yes. The game is still being worked onto its death road to full release, albeit in a more slow pace than usual.

TLDR; I am currently working on to fullfill my mandatory military duty by working on a full-time IT job. So the amount of free time I can work on my personal projects has been lowered than say, my usual college kid routine. But I ain't giving up yet, I'm griding away whenever I get home from the workplace!
On the other hand though, since I'm in the "fixing & tweaking the writing and pondering about the better ways to conclude this story in order to make it flow smoother" phase... It's nothing short of a shame that I can't give any meaty progress reports on the game as much as I did before.

But yeah, thanks a lot for showing your interest in the project, I really appreciate it. I just really wish I can manage to deliver my best on this project as a humble thank-yous.

감사합니다 치즈대사관 감사합니다 1987

안타깝게도 대사들의 의도된 브로큰 잉글리시와 언어유희가 너무나도 강렬했습니다.

덕분에 게임의 대사가 모두 완성된 뒤 직접 한국어로 통역/다시 쓴 뒤 언어 옵션을 통해 한국어 버전을  사용 가능하게끔 할 예정입니다.

한국인 개발자놈이 영어로 게임을 만들고 한국어 패치를 나중에 하게 되는 아이러니한 상황이 되어버렸네요.

This is the most game a man could ever ask for.

Epitome of entermental game

Aye, glad that you enjoyed! And of course, this particular version is the one that has been submitted back in 2021 November -- So it was made way back in time and lacks many features like portraits that's present in the newest version (that I didn't release yet!)

Ah. Seems like it's a side effect of CRT monitor distortion. In that case then workaround like that is inevitable, unfortunately...

But thank you too for using my shader; Much appreciated!

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Hello! Hella' glad that you enjoyed my.. tool? (not sure haha)

Are you referring to the buttons onscreen being misaligned whenever you click on it? I'll look into it -- Thanks for letting me know about the bug!

In the meantime; I'm currently working on other projects for now so I'm bit busy, but I'm planning to revamping the tool to use the (newer) version of engine I'm using now -- So stay tuned(?) ...if you will so!

Ah. I think you *ahem*  __found__ the super secret developer view

Hello! Developer (devolver?) here: Thank you for playing my entry, and sorry to disappoint you -- but this entry is suppossed to be a tiny (interactive?) diorama. I forgot to mention this in the game's description or in-game so.. yeah :'>

By the way -- I'm also working on adding some bonus contents for this one, so stay tuned(?)

season's greasons


Oh! Thank you :>

The camera is initially locked and you must press Tab to un-lock it! (I forgot to make it the other way around 😔)

could not quite handle the exponential dink

감사합니다 :'>


The video on the game's page demonstrates all of the things you could do (but why) in this (excessive quote) game (excessive unquote)

Could say that by watching the video and screengrabs you have enjoyed 440% of the game's content might as well

Very game for sure. The utmost entertainment 2021

Very well. If you seen the vid on the game's page then I say you've already experienced 120% of this ""game""s content.. But if you still want to enjoy it by yourself then you can press TAB to toggle the mouselook mode

It happens that silly me didn't really made it so that the mouselook mode isn't enabled by default

it is. surely a game
but is it a good game?
now that is a complicated question and there is no easy answer.

probably not that good

You are a winner. In fact you are the true definition of winner; you have exercised utmost sophistication -- far beyond that of the laymen.

Forgot to mention this in the controls but pressing tab will lock/unlock the mouse & let you look around!

But yes. I am gracious that you have enjoyed the minecraft 2

도움이 되셨다니 다행입니다!

실행시 런타임에서 에러가 나신다는 부분은 혹여나 다이렉트X 드라이버가 설치되지 않아서 일어나는 현상인가 조심스레 추측해봅니다.. 게임메이커를 사용한 제 다른  게임 프로젝트들도 비슷한 현상이 있었기에 말이죠.

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안녕하세요, 우선 매우 늦은 답변을 드려 사과드립니다. 그동안 제 대학교의 기말고사 시즌이어서 확인할 틈이 없었네요 -_-;
UI 크기는 제가 당시 개발시 사용한 UI 도구들의 한계로 확대 및 축소 기능을 구현하기엔 좀 어려울 것 같습니다.. 이와 관련해서는 추후에 이 툴을 업데이트 할 때 다시 연락드리도록 하겠습니다.
그리고 10 4 4 벌식이시라면 혹시 도꺠비한글 8x4x4벌식을 말씀하시는 것인가요?
10x4x4벌식이 있다는 이야긴 들었다만 저도 자세한 문서를 보지 못해서 이 툴에서는 8x4x4벌식만을 지원하게 되었습니다.
8x4x4벌식은 다음 문서들을 참고하시면 도움이 될 듯합니다:
한글 출력 예:
한글 유니코드 인코딩:
제 툴에 쓰인 8x4x4 형식:

Aye, thank you!

Very gun!!



고통 1tbsp와 몬스터 에너지 드링크™ 512l 이 필요합니다 😔

Haha, I totally understand that -- this game had many of those flashing lights and visuals that could cause some troubles afterall...

I still appreciate that you've played my game nonetheless, and I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing it!

Nice, I really appreciate your playthrough!

I hope you enjoyed playing it, despite this one was had more sensitive contents like flashing lights and disturbing stuffs like that compared to my previous games, I suppose.

(also please don't step on me while I devolve into a single (1) 1x1 lego brick(s))

Hey, thank you for playing my game! and yes -- I can safely say that you have reached the end of the game... Amazing.

감사합니다 :>

Thank you!

Haha yes >:)

I love you <3

Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed both my dev progress report & the game... And I'm also glad that the story (kinda) worked... I've only started to delve into storywriting recently so it's good to hear that I'm making some progress!