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Gabriel Chan

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Love the sound effects! The game feels very polished. I love how there's minigames of various types and even the parkour challenge. Overall great job!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much! We are planning on releasing a post-jam version so stay tuned!

Thank you!

Hey, my girlfriend loves your game! Ever since ludum dare she's been wondering what all the possible recipes are, is it possible for you to tell me all the different recipes?

You submitted a blank page, you did not upload a game. Someone even commented on your page to let you know however you never responded.

You submitted on July 10th, 2021 at 9:40am MDT. Ignoring the fact that you managed to make and submit your "game" in less than 15 hours since the start of the game jam, we actually played your "game" anyways, which for some reason required an installer and immediately got flagged by Windows Defender. Upon opening your "game", we found it extremely unpolished, with no real gameplay, no audio, and assets that we doubt you made yourself. Now, normally we encourage everyone to submit their games, even if it's not polished or finished, however you decided to do so with over 30 hours remaining and chose not to continue working on it. For all of the reasons above we decided to disqualify you from this game jam and remove your submission.

Not only was your submission way too fast, it was also submitted to another game jam called "Minecraft in 24 hours".

Any other questions? Put them in here!