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Thanks for playing our game! That's a pretty crazy score! How much time did that take?

Really original game! It feels very polished!

Really cool mechanic! The level design is also really good!

Cool game! I like the art style, and the mechanic is clever. The difficulty curve is too steep in my opinion (maybe I'm just bad).

Nice and simply game! It feels really polished

Really fun game to speedrun, and the controls are amazing! The rewind didn't really fit, because you can just undo mistakes, and the point of a speedrun (in my opinion) is to try getting a flawless run. If I just ignored the rewind though, it was a really good game!

Really clever mechanic! It fits the theme perfectly :)

Nice and simple game! Very easy to understand :)

Cool game! I like the coins, as it makes you want to move around on the screen

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I saw your game, and it's funny how similar the mechanics look (shurikens that return) :)

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm happy to hear, that you enjoyed it! We didn't add more content, because we focused a lot on polish.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing! The point of the game is to risk losing your score by going back in time and trying to get it higher. Saving the score when dying would not give the player any interesting decisions, as they would always just rewind before the timer runs out. We will take your feedback into consideration though, and maybe make it more forgiving :)


Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked it! A lot of people said it was hard, so maybe we will adjust it later or make different difficulty options :)

Thanks for playing! We made it hard because some of our playtesters got scores of 100.000, but maybe we adjusted it too much. Thanks for the feedback! We will adjust the difficulty curve after the rating period is over :)

Thanks for the feedback! There is a tutorial on the main menu

Im glad you liked it, and thanks for playing! If you make the game full screen you shouldn't have the problems you mentioned. You can also jump on W if it doesn't work :)

Cool game, but the parallaxing made me a bit nauseous because it didn't react instantly to the camera. The art was nice, and I really liked the audio!

Nice and simple game! The art is really nice, and the controls are unique

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Oh nevermind it works now

The download button doesn't work :( The game looks awesome though!

Cool idea! I think you should be able to jump a little higher, because I needed to spam the jump button.

Cool game! I like the idea, but the controls were a bit weird. Once I figured it out it was fun though!

I really like the art and animation, and the gameplay was fun! I quit after listening to the boss for 1 minute though.

Thanks for playing! The enemy count does increase over time, but it is random which side they come from, which can lead some of them to clump together. You can keep the multiplier by hitting the ground. You don't need to hit the enemies as long as you don't attack yourself. The pistol was meant to time the arm better, so if an enemy came and the timing was bad, you could push it back to get better timing. Thanks for the feedback though! We will keep all of it in mind if we work more on it!

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! We thought about adding health packs or something on top of the buildings to encourage movement, but we didn't have time :( We also didn't have time to make a proper interactive tutorial, and forgot to introduce the gun (right click if you missed it). We will definitely improve it in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Cool idea! I would have liked to be able to see a little further, but other than that, really nice game!

Thanks for playing! Watching your stream was really helpful, because it made me realise, that we need to write, that the arm attacks towards the mouse. We didn't have time to make a proper tutorial, and we also forgot to write about the gun :( Thanks for the feedback!

glad you enjoyed it once you figured it out! Yeah, a lot of people say, that the tutorial could be improved, and I agree. We just didn't have the time to make a proper interactive tutorial :( Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely improve the tutorial in the future!

thank you for playing, and glad you enjoyed it! We only just managed to get it finished. The last drawing was literally implemented 1 minute before the deadline! We know the tutorial could have been a lot better. That is also what I like the least about the game. We just ran out of time, and needed to create something quickly. We didn't have time to introduce the gun for example. But Thanks for the feedback! I think we will be working more on the game, so we will definitely improve the tutorial / learning curve!

Cool game! I didn't feel like I needed to move backwards and forwards, but it was pretty fun!

Nice and simple game! The difficulty curve is also pretty good!

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It's cool that I could walk around the intire ship which was pretty big! I didn't really understand how to repair stuff though, so maybe write the controls on the games page. It looks fun though!

There is no download link :(

Really nice graphics and a great atmosphere! Really immersive!

I got it working with the drive link! Cool concept, but it took a few minuttes to understand how it exactly worked. Overall pretty cool game!