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An interesting survival game! as if it were a miniature landscape of human history

Very interesting! open-ended puzzle, I believe 100 people will have 100 ways to clear the level, haha~

I like this sweet little game

Great game! This is a simple and deep rts game,  so inspiring! : )

Nice job! simple and interesting puzzle game. I love this game. :)

Great! This is the effect I want, thank you so much! : )

This is a great pixel assets. I was instantly fanned by you. It ’s an incredible atmosphere.

A very lovely venture, cool game! 

Thank you ~! : )

What a great ideal!  Very clever mechanism  : )

I like the effects of building construction! The sound effects are also good,  Good job! : )

A very sentimental game, in which I saw your tribute to 'Super Mario' and Family Computer. It is a very interesting thing to incorporate your own life elements into the game creation. At the same time, I also see that you love music. In the game Music is everywhere. Nice job! : )

That's a good perspective!

Thank you very much for your feedback, glad you can enjoy my game, this is my great honor! : )

Nice puzzle game! Cool design! : )

Cool game! It would be better if we could start over from the failed level : )

It takes a little bit of skill, but overall is pretty good : )

Very good idea! but I hate to press Q. First of all, this key position is very uncomfortable. The little finger is generally the least sensitive of the five fingers. Secondly, Q's key delay is too long and it affects the judgment. Finally I gave up at level 6. : )

I love this style of visual. The beginning is a bit bland. It is this bland that contrasts with the development of the plot later. I like this design and am very inspired.  Good job! : )

I like this visual style, a good prototype. You can consider adding more elements, such as:

  • Fast-moving enemies.
  • Add petrol barrels to the scene to guide players in a more reasonable position and deal a wide range of damage.
  • Airborne medical kit or more powerful weapon, etc.

Good designing! The mechanism is easy to understand, and the puzzles are fun : )

Very good try, simplified operation reinforces the importance of jumping timing, and is more suitable for mobile players : )

Very strategic design,  constructed a very self-consistent mechanism with simple elements. 

If the bullet speed can be faster, maybe it will be more exciting : )

Simple and interesting gameplay! the details are in place, each round has a slightly different appearance. The coin collection mechanism promotes more replays. The use of music and sound effects is also very suitable. The disadvantage is that the frame rate may be a bit unStability, sometimes affecting launch judgment. Good job! The picture above is what I unlock.

Thank you for your feedback! : )

Great game! Very rich challenges, very imaginative


Interesting! Counter-intuitive game

Good thinking! The theme of the game is very attractive. But the operation is a bit complex : )

Good job! interesting game! And the text structure of your game description seems to refer to mine, my pleasure, haha : )

A little difficult, but good ideal!

The good theme of campus bullying , also fit the theme of "justice". Keep going on.

I like the visual style, but the game is a little monotonous.

Great game!  pretty black white style,  but it is hard to hit

Really cool game, good visual! But there are certain requirements for control skills. I failed many times and finally gave up

Good perspective! short and warm : )

Pretty good!  It would be better if the content were a little richer.