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A nice tower defense game!

I love the game art, good game!

I got 1945 points,  the game is quick and tiny, good job!

It's funny!

Works with good intentions, the subject of nature and animal protection is worth promoting, but it is too difficult to manipulate.

Good idea, but seems to be a bit problematic in controls, I can't order to mine or bulkl.

Dialogue is funny! And I don't know how pass the 'stab' level.

I don't know how to use my gun, so I jumped and jumped all the way. The puzzle in the second level is quite clever, but overall the level design is a bit monotonous. You done a good job anyway.

Lovely drawing, good fighting experience, if I have time, I can play for  an hour, and maybe adding some skills will be more interesting.

What an unstable page, hands shake when typing.  Simple game and cunning design. There is a suggestion, when the player can not pass the level for a long time, you can give some small tips on the screen

Thanks you! haha~  : )

It is a really intention bug, haha~! Nice visual style, nice bgm, I like this feel. But the control experience is not very good, I gave up at the 'shift' level. The inability to press the jump key at the edge of the platform made me very uncomfortable


Use gliding time to control the direction is a good designing, and the level is too difficult.

Thank you! : )

Good job, good play! And fit the theme well.

Simple idea and interesting game! Very clever!

Nice design! tiny and graceful game.

Funny, creative, 屌!

Tiny and interesting!

Short and meaningful, fit the theme 'Dying is awarded'

Respect! The life of your grandpa has been continued in your hand.

Cool thing! simple game elements and interesting puzzle levels, good job!

Awsome idea! Fully fit the theme of "Dying is Awarded", What a great design!

I love this game, great ideas,  simple yet clever design, meaningful theme, amazing!

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A tiny fun game, maybe it can evolve into a game about police catching thieves, and the music is cute!