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friend, I tried your game and I am aware that it is not a final product but you should consider the weight of the game, almost 350mb, considering that it is a pixel art game.  the weight should be on the music, you should consider converting one music format to another.  

It's great, I don't have a budget now if I didn't buy it but I'll leave it on the wish list. 

just the kind of effects I needed, thanks. If at any time you do effects Enhance or buff type. I will gladly buy it. :)

Friend you should make more assets of this type. 

Thank you very much friend, you saved me several dollars in this pack with some effects. : 3 <3

looks great

Thanks I already bought it. I hope you can continue sharing more similar sets

I saw it for two dollars and now it's three. I'm sad to see expected :(

I thought the same as you. which was perfect, unfortunately my intention is to make a paid game and this sprite is already widely used.

Your work is excellent and free. If one day you make a pay pack I will gladly buy it.

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It was well worked and for what it costs it is an incredible offer. Thanks for the update! 

I had to go down quite a bit but it was worth it thanks for sharing!

that is excellent :)

The animation looks like a jellyfish from Greek mythology, so it seems to me that it should have the animation of petrify xD. I liked the art and I plan to use it as a boss for my game.

it's supposed to be a jellyfish, right?  an attack that simulates petrifying would be necessary.

thanks for the update

excellent, by the way you do animations for commission?

I quite especially liked the art of Assassin Cultist, that's why I bought it.  If it wasn't too much to ask, could you add some extra animations to the female character? xd

very cute pixel art, both the character and the landscape.  I will be supporting you if you do more content, enemies, scenarios or more movements in the character even if it becomes paid.  because it's worth it.  :)

I ended up buying one of the collection for this, it is that the design is beautiful.