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Se ve interesante pero será comprobar su rendimiento :D

Esta genial!

Hace tiempo te había escrito a tu correo 

saved for when I have money

It seems pretty good; I just don't know how it would be used for dialogues in different languages. 

still waiting for the update on the bees

Tu pixel art es bastante bonito, cuando tenga dinero compraré tu asset

It's great, as soon as I saw it I bought it.

I don't know how long it takes you to create an animation but I will buy all the assets you make similar to this one.

How scary, I love it!

Não uso o Instagram, você tem discord, telegram ou um e-mail?

Use o botão "Responder" porque já se passaram 20 dias e eu não notei sua resposta. 

I adore you, if you bring out another asset I will gladly buy it.

One question, what are the dimensions of the asset?

because it looks like it will be something quite big.

Podrás hacerme una comision?

Hi, do you think it is possible an extra animation like an attack with the sword you have?

When will there be enemy assets like this one?

Está hermoso, recientemente publique mi juego a play store e incoorporaré partes de este asset en un nuevo mapa. 
Cuando consiga el retiro mínimo te prometo donar :)

¿En dos semanas más o menos?  bríndame un correo o red social para mejor comunicación

Haces comisiones?

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Umisonia is now available on Google Play
Umisoniais a fast-paced game, connected levels from start to finish full of action and platforming style and action, plus the game hides secret chests that reward the player when found.

Play as Aria, a powerful warrior with her friend Umi, and explore the kingdom of Albinora in this pixel art adventure to find a way to restore the great tree.

Face enemies and bosses that will test your reflexes, each enemy has a unique ability!

As you progress through the kingdom you can equip equipment, skills and weapons that make navigation easier.

You can control Umi to complete puzzles and make your way through the adventure. Customize your equipment and upgrade your weapons to become invincible!

Click here to go to the game link.


Olá, acabo de me aperceber do meu grande erro. 

Tinha submetido a minha aplicação para revisão no Google Play e a versão é, mas aparentemente nos telemóveis não é possível instalar uma versão mais antiga. 

Quanto à tua pergunta, sim, compreendo que podes utilizar os serviços do Google Play para guardar o teu progresso, mas talvez a versão itch e a versão play dêem erros de assinatura. 

Por isso, só é possível guardar a versão da Play Store.

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Olá, antes de mais nada, parabéns pelo nível 30, é incrível. 

Há 12 almas do herói Tyron (quando você conseguir todas elas, Tyron o desafiará e ele é bastante forte), você precisará da habilidade "Wall Jump" para conseguir uma e as que estão faltando provavelmente estão escondidas e você terá de quebrar algumas paredes. 

the floor is gigantic compared to the character. 

It's quite ugly and out of tune with the game. 

Of course, it would be good to manage it internally, any social network?

Hi, I'm glad you liked the game. I have in mind to add more languages in the development of the game (although I would have to get people for this). 

I will try to fix the bugs you mentioned.

If completely


Estou trabalhando em outra atualização que corrige alguns bugs. Estarei atualizando nos próximos dias. 

spoiler: sistema multilíngue. 

Hi, I love your pixel art, I've seen that you have quite a few about bosses for games and I was wondering if at some point you will bring out normal enemies, which serve to fill in areas! 

Hi, I know you disappeared and no longer answer messages but I really liked your pixel art, I used it as the main character in several projects. 

This time I used it as a boss in a game I'm developing.

This should be specified. 

What is the license? x2
pd: nice pixel art

I'm still looking forward to this hive enemy assets. I guess it will never come. :


Hello, do you do commissions?

Yo también estoy a la espera :)

The truth is that I would like this type of debuff to be a loop, for example, burn damage, poison.