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I'll definitely ping you!

Well I had to get clever and add a link to the description. Here ya go:

Yeah, I accidently removed it ha. I'm trying to contact support

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Who am I looking for?

I need a creative partner who's got a knack for perfection; a natural born fighter; a 3D and Texture Artist. I'm in need of someone who loves platform fighters as much as I do, and can create beautiful and clean environment and weapon models and textures. 

You want to know about the game, right?

You must be asking yourself "well this guy wants a lot, is the game even fun?". And my answer to that is, absolutely, I hope. A day before writing this post, I entered into a 48 hour Game Jam. My entry is a take on Super Smash Bros. in an isometric perspective. The gameplay is cutthroat, fun, and impactful... The map, not so much.

I'm quite fond of the block-styled maps (like in Maplestory 2), and I think it fits greatly with the style of game. It even opens up more options down the road for map creation, destruction, and a whole lot more. I really think a talented artist could take a simple thing like block pieces and build really beautiful maps, like a floating island arena, with water flowing off the side, and bridges connected to smaller points. 

A mobile-focused title is what I'm aiming for. I'm personally a PC only gamer, so naturally that avenue is very much something I also want to consider. The game currently has multiplayer, and maybe a nice goal would be to shoot for Player vs AI, and reserve multiplayer for online/lan Player vs Player. No ranked system or anything of the likes; the game just isn't built in a way to properly do it. I'm really open to changing ideas as long as it fits the core gameplay.

All other assets required, such as character models, VFX, animations, music, and what not, I'll be paying for out of my pocket, unless we agree upon otherwise. All assets you make are completely yours, up until launch, where we both sign an agreement in good faith. And assuming it's just us in the end, it's a 50/50 split.

Anyway, here's a video of the project I built for the 48 hour jam.

Now I bet you're wondering about my background... Right?

If not, then you've hurt my feelings, you sick sick beast. 

I'm just a regular ol' chap with no notable projects under his belt, and 6+ years of Unity C# Development. But if that isn't enough, you should give me a heads up on Discord.


Hey, I accidentally deleted my build during a Game Jam ->

Is there a way to get it back? Because it's in a Jam I can't just reupload.

Oh haha, thanks for playing!

Was it that your mate's room just wasn't showing up?

thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it

Damn, wish I knew this before. Thanks for the heads up 

I thought most were 2 days

This was my first game jam, and one of the most fun I've ever had in game dev.