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I feel like only FloridaMan would really know how good it feels to fling squirrels around. Thank you for your high praise good sir!

I don't need a game to tell me that you are a winner!

*sigh* Yeah, there is just something whimsical about being a squirrel.

Glad you stuck it out until you got to 'TheEnd' ;)

Appreciate it A-a-Ron!

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Aww thank you so much for your comment! Mary our artist suggested a non-space theme and as soon as squirrels came out we were immediately all in on the idea hahaha. Glad you enjoyed, and you'll eventually get the ending I'm sure (the trick is to think like squirrely thoughts!)

Damn... you really must be...

unConfident. Easy mode is actually hard mode, and hard mode is actually easy mode. The buttons got switched haha.

Yeah I didn't really want it to have to be that way... but it's true to Frogger if we did. Builds a good skill cap for those who want to see the easter egg and end levels ;)