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Thanks for the comment LadyOnasi! Yeah with any game jam there is always design creep and we couldn't everything we wanted in right away. I will note that we wanted to put in more endings based on the four personalities, but what can you do xP.

Lastly - the timer DOES change at 20 seconds where the music and sounds begin to fade away! Along with that the music adds/removes music based on your personality traits. Don't worry, we gotchu lol.

Aww, thank you for the compliments! Squid did the art, warreo did the coding, and I know the music is very meh, because it was done by ME lol. A controls screen would be nice, but there's a sense of discovery for mechanics with the mouse we didn't want to blatantly beat the player over the head with. Plus yes - pressureeeeee haha

Thanks for the rating friendo! Like all jams, we wanted to do more but we're proud to see people enjoying what was played :)

I played this yesterday and HAD to come back to comment because the "Where's an Egg" minimalistic bit art really got me to lol.

A lot of games went this route so theres tough competition, and there a few bugs to be ironed out. Keep on jamming and improving those skills :P

So as a fan of Magika this really brought me a lot of flash backs and joy lol. A great job recreating the feel and fun of exploring the combination of elements in a fun little playground / battlefield for players to test the spell crafting. It feels like the tutorial or practice stage before letting the play go adventure through a dangerous journey :P.

Aye you were right! Got it working and wow - everyone is right, this is a really well polished game with really nice music and great atmosphere.

That could absolutely be the issue lol, but I'm glad everyone else who has tried to play really likes it :D

Thanks for checking the game out Silevran! Yeah multiplayer is a great direction to take it, but given more time I would like to make things a faster more Gradius style game. 

Pretty good AI and a fun sequence but just not enough player agency for me. Its just a hard thing for auto battlers to nail just right XD.

I really like the camera angle you made for this game, as the puzzle always look easy and solvable but become hard as you realize the amount of time players can spend apart is very limited. Definitely also has room to grow.

Encountered an error which lead to a crash after the 4th stage but its a good start to an puzzle game. I don't see the real reason why demons and HP need to be in this game when the core is mostly about solving puzzles but I get that danger can be exciting.

I sadly was getting .net core issues from the build on Windows, and I do have the most recent version installed :<. Might be a good idea to test this on a few other machines just in case.

So I broke the game by being able to jump with the characters outside of the screen and causing a soft lock lol, but besides the bug I actually really like the idea of having two shooters aiming at the same cursor. 

There some balancing that needs to be done cause enemies move and shoot too fast in comparison the player reaction speeds. Other than the screen shake being a little heavy when players shoot, I think this was a nice take on the theme that I haven't seen many people do (so far :P)

Not going to lie, I was 100% expecting this to become a horror game with the darkness and the lighting and was very disappointed to find out it was not that lol.

Decent execution, but constantly having to find your split personality between stages did not really tell the story for me. Exit areas also are really hard to distinguish and need a visual flag or  some other visible element to let players know where to go. Something that could literally be invisible until united with your other half.

A nice little puzzle platformer that shows a good range of  what a  game with 'color based interaction' could lead into. I really like that you had some ideas and mechanics that did not need explaining but simply just let the player explore and figure out how to solve the puzzle using these new mechanics was great. If given more time, would love to see how much harder you make the puzzles and what new mechanics you would bring to this genre.

Even in a game jam, you can never escape the inevitable ice stage lol.

That aside, great aesthetics and game feel! Game bugged out a few times on the bigger ice stage where the player fell off the screen while sliding over ice but other than that it is nice and snacky :D

An easy to play platformer that doesn't quite fit the theme - but has an absolutely adorable run animation lol.

Thanks for checking out the game! In an ideal world, we would had more time to make things more fast paced, but glad you enjoyed the game :D

While I like the idea that all the rows are connected, I am not gonna lie that I was disappointed that you could not also move things vertically :P

Aesthetic is so funny and all of the sound and design work together nicely. A big fan of the portal styled colored area puzzles too, hope this goes far :P

Ahhh, this is neat! To save on memory and to help with the speed running I would make sure to put a number on each of the colors so players can immediately know how to switch to each of the colors.

Played the new build - and it is pretty darn good lol. Some pacing issues, and other bugs to be fixed, but you have clearly implemented a lot of fun items and skills/ideas that I can definitely make for a hundred hours of play.

I would look at your competition on multiple angles and learn from them how a gameplay loop should feel, how to set your pacing, 

Rogue Lites - (Binding of Isaac, Slay the Spire, Hades)

Move and Shooters - Gungeon, Killing Floor, Borderlands, 

Platformers - Megaman, Barotrauma, Starbound, Terraria

Indie Spectacle -  Starburster (another indie game I'm looking forward too)

I'm working on making a video and a documenting my QA notes and such. I'll hit you up with it later in a DM :P

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Heads up - currently seeing the windows build will sometimes crash / closes when entering the second jungle area after the bow. 

Update - got through on the third try. Might have have something to do with the layout I was seeing.

2nd Update - heavy stability issues: Game closing on multiple occurrences. 

Crash Happening on

  • Player taking damage
  • Player dying
  • Enemy Dying
  • Entering a new area

I'm enjoying what I got to play so far, but with all these crashes I can't get past the first area and is currently unplayable in its current state. Would love to see an update so I could dig deeper into its mechanics!

Other issues:

  • Monkey Coconuts attacks will be destroyed upon throw depending on trajectory
  • Player can deal damage through walls diagonally
  • Camera does not track with player falling from high heights

Simple and effective. This particular camera angle is that of an old arcade game where you could shoot and fly vertically to dodge enemy attacks, but you could take this base in many directions!

Neat little image randomizer! Seems like all the parts fit well enough to all be creatures in a game world. Funny to note that 666 is an angel too :P.

Sorry, still isn't working for me. Have you tried creating a build and saving in a zip instead

This game is just so pleasant! Such an interesting and fun puzzle mechanic with potential speedrun tech to boot! Switchforce to the max lol. Would you mind if I played this on a local IGDA Twitch Stream?

Reminds me of mario kart and Rainbow Road - where falling off the stage leads to a bad time lol. Controls feel a little off but you get used to it eventually.  Solid 3 hour jam game!

I like it! Very easy to get into and explore, with great game feel. Next things to do are to add depth of play: with things like a checkpoints/shops (to spend gems), slowly increasing the scroll speed over time (adding to player agency) etc. I'm sure you have plenty of ideas :P. Great job though, keep on making games!

I'm having trouble extracting the rar. Maybe reupload it?

I could not find what was unexpected. I was really hoping there was something at the end since the first section dragged out so calmly... but then nothing :<. Was the unexpected thing - nothing lol?

Solid base for a 3d Platformer. Has room for everything like a double jump, wall run, and other parkour stuff. Very punishing for falling without any nets or checkpoints though lol. Keep at it!

Quirky, cute, frustrating, and yet so enjoyable lol. Would you be alright if I play this on a local IGDA stream? 

Lol this is pretty true to form. Though, instead of restarting, you should respawn the player to a 'checkpoint' so they think they have a chance, but in reality - no. You don't. Welcome to Fall Guys!

Very basic auto runner, runs well and tracks everything it needs to! Keep on working on the randomly generated track though, as I did encounter an case where the platform spawned too high and I could not jump up to it.

Oh this is quality with a ton of style! Would be it alright if I played this on a local IGDA stream? You'd be welcome to hop on and talk about the game if you're available too.

Thanks, I hate it lol. Would actually make a great V.S. game!

Solid jam game! Great visuals, and excellent leaf animations. Next step I would like to see further developed is the rhythm system, adding a "Good, Great, Perfect" timing system of some sort, or accuracy on how centered the cut is on the leaf. I could see it even being cool to add new variations on melody mechanics like 'Holds' that are click and drag slices and cuts through notes. Overall an excellent entry!

I feel like only FloridaMan would really know how good it feels to fling squirrels around. Thank you for your high praise good sir!