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I really enjoyed this! Despite never having played it I've found Kane & Lynch 2 aesthetically interesting for a long while, and the split focus on gameplay and UI here is a really clever critical approach.

Hi community! I'm kinda new here, but I figured I'd share my first project on this site in the forums. It's not a game, but I'm sure some of you will find it interesting.

RESIDENTS: It's a visual essay (i.e. very few words, almost entirely composed of images) I created about horror video games. Specifically, the theme of the haunted house. It has some choice imagery which I hope will inspire you (especially if, like me, you're interested in horror storytelling), as well as intellectually offering up my analysis of the haunted house story and musing on what video games as a medium could do with it. Hideo Kojima's P.T. and Kitty Horrorshow's ANATOMY both feature in it.

It was created for Emmie's Visual Essay Jam, which is still on-going. I had a great time putting this together, and I hope you'll find it worthwhile too. Thanks for reading!