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Such a nice game! It's very fun to dodge the missiles

Cool graphics and generally a very nice game

Very cool game. I really like the art style. Also it's a pretty cool story.

Funny game

Very cool idea and well executed to. Generally a very nice game.

Nice game, very simple but fun, I didn't really understand what to do tbh.

Love the simplicity. Especially the icon :)

Cool game but it gets repedetive pretty quickly

Nice game, interesting how such a simple concept can be a lot of fun.

Really cool game. It's very simple but fun. I love your art style!

You can hold shift and W to sprint. I should have explained that in the tutorial. Sprinting should completely remove this problem. ( I never had that problem while playtesting ) But tysm for helping me analyzing the problem. 

Pretty nice game but i think even quick mode gets repetetive very quickly. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong that makes the game boring at times

Great game! I really enjoyed playing however maybe the rounds should be a bit longer for example let the player live for 80-100 years.

It's very funny. Also it's a very cool and inovative idea however i constantly get softlocked because the player is hidden behind walls and I can't grab him anymore. Besides that it's a very cool game

yes, idk why that happens just jump(press space) and it fixes it for some reason

Nice game. I really like the art style but I found it hard to read the pixelart font. Maybe increase the resolution by like 4 pixels

Sure, I'll rate your game too

Very nice game with a very interesting mechanic. I love the fact that you don't neccessarily need to think about your moves but can just play around if you want.

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I love this game so much!

Very emersive

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I discovered a bug: In some levels you can grab a thing and move it very fast, so it can move through walls

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we are working on that

Very nice game! Also nice music. I think its a bit too hard for some people. For example to find out, that you can sort of double jump. Maybe add a hint.

Would be nice to have an english version. But nice game. Sound is missing

Very cool puzzle game. But I sounds are definetly missing. Just a lazer sound would be enough. And more levels please. Also its very polished. I discorvered 0 bugs. I love the fact, that "things" are running around after time. Its annoying but fun! 
I think you should develop further on this and release it on steam!

Also i think it would be interesting to have semi-transparent mirrors. And it would be fun, if the "things" fall down, when they are hit by a beam.

I love, that "things" are called "things"

Very nice game. I love the music!

Cool game over all but Sound would be nice.

Very nice game. But there is too much text in the beginning. That is pretty annoying.

Thank you, We thought its no problem, that you can jump directly into the last level, because you should play the game for fun and not for seeing the credits. And if you have problems in a specific level you can just skip. This way you can keep playing without despairing.

A very interesting game! But the cutscenes at the start of the levels are pretty annoying.

I love this game! The music is great! Its very simple but great fun anyways!

Nice game. Unbelievable that its made in HTML5. I really like the shadows. But I think some sort of Checkpoints would be nice. Or just smaller levels because its pretty hard

A very nice Idea! Also I like the artstyle

nice game but the controls are pretty hard

Thank you for your feedback. We thought for just 3 characters ( and when we developed the character-switching we only had two ) switching forward an backward is a bit useless. But you can try to use 1,2 and 3 on the alphanumeric keyboard. This was the switch-control first. We didnt use it anymore but its still there.

Nice game with interesting mechanics. I love this piano music!

Mal gucken, ob ich dafür Zeit hab

Im nächsten Update wird es eine neue Map geben.

Thank you for your feedback. Yeah we just forgot to add the lava sound to the effects group. A problem for people who are playing secretly lol. For the enemies i played around with different speeds but for multiple types we hadnt enough time. We not even had time to implement, that the enemies see you run after you.

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Thank you, The wizard should collide with the platforms but we didn't have time to fix it.