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Super. It fixed my problem.

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This topic helped me to solve my problem. In my game there is one big big world, with smallest scene blocks that will be loads async by reach. So, when I create STM (UI) with reading, and hero going in area with new scene and begin async loading - then this STM reloaded and begin "read" from the start. I have removed  all code from "OnSceneLoaded" and all going well (STM don't disappear and nothing else bad, Unity 2018.2.0f2). In all my cases of the game this is enough.

PS. At first, I tried disable "AutoRead" and run "Read" once when I want, but method "Read" don't work.

It is works. Thanks

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At first, this is <w>nice</w> util ;)

When I create a wave effect with only Scales by X and Y. I want something just like resizing an icon in text from its middle/center. I have set CurveX and CureY, set Pivot X = 0.5 and PivotY = 0.5 and named this wave effect like 'alert'. Using this: "Some icon <w=alert><q=cross></w> sized." So, it is scaled from middle by pivot Y, but NOT from center by pivot X.

PS. when I try it with a char from font ("Char <w=alert>A</w> sized") - it is ok.

PSS. this in UI


Inspired by the old game (Dangerous Dave 2), I'm doing my next game.

The game with a simple and familiar mechanics - side-scroller / platformer.

Platform supported: Windows, Mac. Maybe Android and iOS.

I added a few new mechanics to the game. 

The throwing of objects (stools) and the opportunity to sit down for a stationary machine gun.

The game is Free:

Thanks for feedback. About monetisation:

1. On this site, I did not monetize. Just try this site, and think about it.

2. On mobiles (app store/googleplay) from the third episode (according to the plot) it is necessary to pay the full version of the game. But initially I did otherwise. There were many pitfalls in the game, in which the player often came across, after which he had to watch the advertisement. From this approach, I decided to refuse, that would not spoil the impression of the game itself and not complicate the game.

Thanks for the comment. The game was originally made for mobile phones, and I had to simplify manage and interact with the world as much as possible.

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Hi everybody. Feel free and try my game, just open the web page (Big Quest) and relax.


An adventure indie game with quests in a beautiful, bright world. Characters with unique traits, goals, and benefits. Active gameplay will appeal to players found of interactivity, especially lovers of quests and investigations.



Big Quest