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Thanks Joel!

Hi Joel, not sure why no one (including myself) noticed it before, but War Room is missing the .ogg format in the rar file. Just wanted to let you know. Great music and art, btw!

Hi, is there any plans to expand the Crystal Castle and Crystal Cave tilesets with more colour variations like cyan (maybe for Aquamarine or Moonstone) or black (for Obsidian or Onyx) just to name a couple of other colours?

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Hi Ramza,

Thanks again for the response. I did think about using the Block state to provide the additional block percent, but the main problem is that this does not show up in the status menu, so my issue was more of an aesthetics reason rather than a functional one. Nonetheless, if there is really no other way, I will just do it by creating a new state. I should not have too many people being able to use Shields in my game so it will not blot the game unnecessarily. I was simply going to the (perhaps unnecessary) extreme to avoid creating new passive states after my last experience game making experience.

Hi Ramza, thanks for the response, but in the plugin itself, we can add block value and percentage, right? I was wondering if we can apply a code in the existing parameter instead of a flat value to add the amount of damage blocked

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Hi Ramza,

A followup question, if you will. Is it possible to input formula into the plugin parameters for Block Percentage to add to the equipped shield's Block Percentage? If yes, I tried the following but none seems to work (I tried both this. and a.):

this.skills().contains($dataSkills[874]) ? +10 : +0
this.skills().contains($dataSkills[874]) ? +10 : +0;
if (this.skills().contains($dataSkills[874])) {+10} else {+0}
if (this.skills().contains($dataSkills[874])) {+10;} else {+0;} 

Not sure if I am doing anything wrong in any of the above lines. Greatly appreciate your response, and thanks in advance!

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Hi Ramza,

I have another question on the Block Chance and Parry Chance plugin. Is there a way to make individual weapons or shields have the chance of parrying or blocking based on a user stat's, like level, for example?

The reason I am asking is because in my game, I have, let's call them legendary, equipment that I want to tie to the user's level, to prevent them from being too over-powered if the user obtains them early. The intention of these equips is that they will be more powerful than the most powerful buyable equipment in endgame, but they can be obtained early, and some as part of the plot.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nevermind, ignore me, I realized YEP has no function for this for their xparam and sparam plugin either, so I am forced to fix those values anyway.

Hi Ramza,

The dozens of passive states was the main issue I had, as I had over 100 learnable, but functionally similar, passives, as they are basically higher levels of previous ones. I scrapped my almost completed game to overhaul my skill system, and so far it seems successful. I just need to figure out how to implement them properly without states.

In case anyone is interested, I just did the below in the Parry Chance plugin under the additional parry chance function, where skill ID 877 is the level 2 of skill ID 876, and you need to learn 876 before 877:

var a = this
if (a.skills().contains($dataSkills[876]) && a.skills().contains($dataSkills[877])){ 
} else if (a.skills().contains($dataSkills[876])) { 
} else { 

Now, I just need to figure out how to do this for Block Chance.

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Hi Ramza, thanks for the response.

To get around the xparam limit issue, would it make sense to create a new param naming for the block and parry chance? It might be outside the scope of the plugin, but based on my experience after trying out various param plugins, that seems to be the approach most custom param plugins take.

Nonetheless, I think I figured out a workaround. Since Block Chance requires a state anyway, I can just have the same state check if the user of the shield has a certain Skill ID and if yes, adds the Block Chance automatically, while for Parry Chance, I believe I can try the same using the plugin's Extra Parry Chance formula.

Hi Ramza, in YEP's plugins, there are functions to add x- and s-params using additions. I just wanted to check if there is a similar function in Shield Block and Parry? Please advise.

The reason I am asking is because I am implementing a passive skill system, and using YEP's plugins, I can do like a actor.addTgr(x) to add to the param w/o creating states, as too many passive states on the battler can lag the system quite a bit in my experience (in fact, I scrapped my earlier project because I was over-reliant on states to implement my passives resulting in a super laggy game).

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Hi Trihan, I think I found a compatibility issue. It seems to conflict with YEP's Skill Mastery Levels plugin. If I load this plugin after, there is a visual conflict, but otherwise, everything appears to work as intended (the skill levels do impact the skills and they do gain exp and levels, just visually not showing the skill exp bar or level). However, if I load this before, it stops working.


Hi Ramza, a follow up question, please. Is there a Lunatic mode of sorts to this plugin, e.g., if a player has something equipped, a certain skill, etc., the weapon will have a multiplier to the formula, basically giving maybe 2-5 possible damage formula depending on the conditions met?

Are you making heavy use of Kokoro Reflection's tilesets? I love their tilesets! Looking forward to seeing the aesthetics of the final game.

Thanks Ramza for the response! Glad to hear that there should, technically speaking, be no conflict.

Just wanted to ask, if this will work with Galv's Weapon Proficiency plugin? Galv's plugin has a function to use Weapon Proficiency as part of the damage formula.

Nice, can't wait for the MV version!

Thanks for the response! So I have to go to the website to download all the free packs. Noted on this.  And thanks for continuously churning out great tilesets!

Hi KR, I just wanted to ask, does some of the paid assets already include the free assets on your website (e.g., does this Victorian Manor tileset include the free Mansion tileset items), or do I have to download them separately? Appreciate your response, and thanks in advance! 

I played this initially as a demo on Kongregate and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the full release!

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Thanks! Just wanted to check.

Hi Ramza, just wondering, will the Parry Chance be ported over as well?

I really love the art style and tilesets! Looking forward to more, especially from the Elemental series and perhaps more of Crystals as well (maybe a Cyan Beryl/Aquamarine, Orange/Brown Amber/Carnelian, White Diamond/Pearl, Black Jet/Onyx?).

Hi Dream Circle, many thanks for the response! Appreciate the clarification.

Hi KR, many thanks for the response! Yes, it does help. I will need some time to build my game (I estimate maybe a Mar'21 release if I really push for it, but my day job has to take precedent), so I can wait a bit and purchase them once they are on Steam. Thanks again!

Hi, Dream Circle. I recently stumbled upon your page, after having purchase some of your animations via Steam. If you don't mind, I just have a couple of questions.

1. Do you plan to release them all through Steam as an RPG Maker DLC? The reason I am asking this is because my RMMV was bought over Steam, so buying stuff there as a DLC makes it easy and convenient to keep all things in a single spot.

2. I noticed a few of the EULAs from Steam are different from your ToS on (specifically your Animations Collection I-III). Hence, I would like to check which I should follow for the purpose of including credits in my game.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Regards, zelanius

Hi KR, I recently stumbled upon your tilesets on after initially purchasing a couple in Steam (namely the elemental dungeon tilesets). I just would like to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind.

1. Do you plan to release them all through Steam as an RPG Maker DLC? The reason I am asking this is because my RMMV was bought over Steam, so buying stuff there as a DLC makes it easy and convenient to keep all things in a single spot.

2. Do you plan to make anymore elemental dungeon tileset? The reason for this question, has to do with my recently planned game, and the elemental tileset would fit nicely.

Looking forward to your reply, and thanks in advance.

Regards, Zelanius 

Hi Ramza, so sorry to miss your message. Been kind of busy for the last month with my day job.

I found the error causing the crash and fixed that (I made an error in the formula for "additional parry chance". However, the parameters refuse to display...except then I realized that I was an idiot and forgot to add the ExParam Display Fix (DW edition) plugin. Once I added that, it fixed everything. So sorry to waste your time on this, and thank you for your patience with me on the issue I raised.

Hi Ramza, thanks for the response. I tried the latest plugin, and there is still an error. The crash happens when I move to a dual wield character's Attributes only.

I also tried turning off the Extra Param plugin. When that happens, Hit% displays fine, but Parry Chance and Expertise does not. With this, I tried turning off SRD Super Tools and ICF-Soft Menu, but no help. Not sure if it is the plugin order, but I moved the Menu Extension to above ICF-Soft Menu's plugin and it still does not work.

Below is a list of plugins I have in excel for reference.

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EDIT: I realized that SRD Skill Extender is somehow interfering with the Turn Linking Function. Hence, I just put it as a separate ability outside of the extender and it works perfectly now.

Hi HeroicJay, my project keeps getting more complicated as I try to add more mechanics to the game. Currently, I have maybe close to 90 plugins installed, and it is a headache figuring out the order. The plugin mostly works fine, but the turn linking is just not happening for me. I can move it relatively high in the list without breaking anything (worse is damage return as 0), or even at the bottom of the list, but the turn linking simply isn't happening (I also tried turning off non-YEP plugins, but to no avail). Below is my plugin order.

Hi Ramza, thanks for the response. Here is the crash report from the console for the Extra Param.

I checked the console without the extra paramters, and there is no errors. Block Chance shows up perfectly fine. It's only Parry Chance that is the issue.

Not sure if plugin order is to be blamed.

Greetings Ramza, recently, I created a new project which uses your Dual-Wield and Block+Parry Chance plugins. However, it crashes if I have YEP Extra Parameter Formula plugin on, and after I turn that off, for some reason, Parry and Expertise are not showing up (also, the earlier issue I reported a month ago, somehow disappeared in the new project).

I am still trying to play around with the plugins to try and figure out if something else is conflicting, but not sure if you have any idea what might be the cause of the params not showing up (the area where they should be is simply left blank)?

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Hi Ramza, thanks for the reply. The plugin calls the shortname of the param as it appears in the damage formula (e.g. agi, luk, etc). It, unfortunately, looks like it will remain incompatible (although I can still show main and offhand attack in the "General" section of YEP's Status Menu by keeping the default; in fact the other plugin can't seem to override this section). I have written to the plugin author on this, as their plugin seems largely compatible with a lot of plugins, just not functions like yours.

Hi Ramza, sorry, another question. If I am using a custom menu plugin (e.g. ICF-Soft's YEPShow Params), what is the short name to call the main or off hand's attack, respectively, to show as a param? The reason I am asking is because ICF-Soft's plugin conflicts with yours, and I tried mhcalc and ohcalc, but it's not working. Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

Hi HeroicJay, please ignore this error. I resolved it. After research in the RPG Maker official forum, it turns out there is a line of code in SumRndmDde's Summon Core which was never fixed. I did the fix myself and voila, the formula works as intended!

Thank you! It works perfectly now.

Hi Ramza, I am using v1.02 of the Stats Allocation, which is the latest that Yanfly has. I have a new error message after applying the fix, related to stack overflow.

Hi Ramza, thanks for the response. I am following Yanfly's order, but the rest are a bit harder to figure out. I followed your instructions, but there is still an error (though somewhat different).

I managed to remove the Galv_WeaponProf error by moving it just below YEP Battle Engine the order but I could not figure out the rest. Below are the location where I slotted in your plugins.

Hi Ramza, I did some testing, including with the Block Chance, Parry, and Switchable plugins and everything worked fine. However, as soon as I start using the Menu Extension (both with and without the exparamfix), I got the below message. I think I can live without the Menu Extension, but just highlighting the bug I received.

Hi Ramza, many thanks! Will try it out.