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Hello Fynnbarr! What does your code look like? You can send it to my discord: _zeil

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Hello! I'm Zeil from Zeil Learnings, a YouTube channel about Ren'Py. Thank you for this! It was very helpful and easy to implement thanks to your awesome documentation! If you allow me, I would like your permission to upload a modified version of this on my (not using a layered image and more comments on script.rpy). I'll link it to this page, ofc. Additionally, I'd like to feature it in one of my future videos. (maybe 2-3 months from now). You may contact me on Discord if you have any questions: _zeil 

For more context, an individual approached me seeking assistance with this. So I figured it's not easy for non-programmers to follow. Therefore, I want to make a modified version of it for people without programming experience. 



yes, I'll have to occasionally reupload them, it seems. I just fixed it this morning but there are 9 more left haha

That's a good game idea!

  1. You'll need an input window: Input Video
  2. You'll check for the code. Let's say you keep your variable as povname where 12345 is the passcode.
if povname == "12345":
    $ persistent.blue_unlocked = True

3. You need lines 7-9 of this video: Blue_button

If you have any other questions, you may contact me on Discord: _zeil

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Thank you! Do you mean persistence? If so, you can see it here: Blue_button

You're welcome <3

The amount of animations and effects that I didn't know existed! I'm so thrilled! Definitely worth supporting!

Very easy to use! I recommend it 100%! Fully customizable because it is open source.

This is not your usual Visual Novel Game. This is a work of art for any Python programmer. Map System + Room System + RPG System + Animations. I'm proud of how Wulfmune has improved. Much love!

Hello~ You're welcome. I think you're looking for this: 



I like it very much! Here's an image I generated with the prompt: MC kneeling in front of dead rabbit 

Glad to help!

I highly recommend this! It's free and easy to use. I use this for my YouTube tutorials and grew fond of it that I end up using it for all my tutorials!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it :D

WOW! You did this on your own?! That's amazing! It must have taken lots of time! Good luck to yours as well!

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I bought the Royal Alchemist - Anniversary SALE yesterday and played for 3 hours straight! The price is cheaper in steam but I, unfortunately, bought it here already before I checked steam. LMAO

Very nice game! The backgrounds are gorgeous and the CGs are stunning. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play an otome game. The gameplay is also good. It's difficult, to be honest, so I started checking the guide(from the bundle) and switched to Story Mode. hahaha

Good job on your release! I love your game! More games to come, please!

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Improvement Feedback:

I think the norm is the speaker names shouldn't be visible when the main character is thinking. It's very confusing if the MC is speaking or narrating.

The speaker name font is too cursive and hard to read. Maybe change to another font. Same goes for the menu fonts.

For the speaker's line, you can add a black border for contrast so it's easier to read.

I have a bunch of UI references here if it helps! (I also want to make a game, hoping to publish this year) 

Note that I'm not a UI specialist. I'm a game programmer XD

Overall Feedback:

The game is great! The first part of the story is very intense. I love the music too and the effects. The Art is stunning! I specially like the background images. Good job to your team! Looking forward to your release! <3