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Improvement Feedback:

I think the norm is the speaker names shouldn't be visible when the main character is thinking. It's very confusing if the MC is speaking or narrating.

The speaker name font is too cursive and hard to read. Maybe change to another font. Same goes for the menu fonts.

For the speaker's line, you can add a black border for contrast so it's easier to read.

I have a bunch of UI references here if it helps! (I also want to make a game, hoping to publish this year) 

Note that I'm not a UI specialist. I'm a game programmer XD

Overall Feedback:

The game is great! The first part of the story is very intense. I love the music too and the effects. The Art is stunning! I specially like the background images. Good job to your team! Looking forward to your release! <3

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Thank you for your feedback! I will aim to improve this :)

The excel sheet is really  helpful!

Well, the whole team is just one person, me :D

Good luck with your game!

WOW! You did this on your own?! That's amazing! It must have taken lots of time! Good luck to yours as well!