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Due to nearly all of our sales coming from Steam, we have updated the build on to be a free, limited version of the game.

This build only has mini-games, and could potentially be useful in certain classroom settings, or for those who want to try the game out before getting the full version.

The few users who have purchased the game here have been sent Steam keys for the full version of the game.

- Zac

I got some clarification on this here:

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Squally is a 2D multi-genre game that teaches video game hacking -- WITHOUT boring lessons, lectures, nor the need for prior experience. Instead, Squally teaches hacking through fun engaging puzzles where learning is a bi-product.

A 12 year old should be able to complete the main storyline in this game. For the more hardcore players, there will be more challenging side content. Topics such as data types, data structures, bin/dec/hex, and x86 assembly are gradually introduced through puzzles and gameplay.

Devlog 8/31

This game has actually been in development for several months. A good way to start this Devlog is to share a link to how we built the most technically challenging part of this game:

There's a lot planned for this game, but it's late here, so I'll leave the rest of the details for another date :)