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Yes, I am. I found the statue in the above comment by going 11 blocks straight ahead of the entranc

Has anyone else found this?

Has anyone else seen this floating blue pyramid shape? It rarely shows up and seems to drift slowly from room to room randomly. If you take your eyes off of it, it disappears. Maybe it has to do with the exit?

Hey just wanted to say you've done a great job updating this game! It's so much better. Minor bug report: when I was fighting the wendigo, it hovered over the bottom wall and I could not hit it

Awesome. Also, once I get to the end game, I tend to get plague cards one after another, or at least more frequently. I guess it kinda makes sense because less wealth/resources would leave cities open to infection. Simultaneously, it's slightly annoying

I had a lot of fun with this. However, I do wish that the epilogue more closely looked at the consequences of my choices. Like, there could be variance based on the remaining wealth/prosperity of the city when they left the empire. Does that make sense?

It's quite fun but also frustrating at times. 

One of my favorite aspects was how the power-ups played and synchronized with each other. For example, when you have both the skull and illusionary mirror equipped at the same time, your illusion clones also have skulls above their heads, giving you more firepower! Even better is that once you upgrade the skull to have tits special ability, the clone skulls have it as well! It is super effective and has become the backbone of my runs. It was quite cool. 

It made me want to play the game more to see what other combinations I could find; unfortunately, there appear to be no others. This leads me to believe that this could merely be a glitch. However, I'd argue that this bug should be kept in and added to the other power-ups. It would incentivize the player to do repeat runs to discover what combos work/are enjoyable. Obviously, it might be a bit much to make every power-up combine with every single one, but still. The added layer of strategy would potentially make this game that much more fun and engaging.

However, I do have some gripes with the current state. My most significant critique is that there's no visual or audio cue to signify when your character is getting hit; this greatly disadvantages the player when they are trying to dodge through enemies in the "late" game. I am essentially forced to divert my attention away from the action to check my health. 

This issue is then further compounded by the puzzling hitboxes. I swear there have been times where I have literally walked into an enemy and taken no damage. At other points, I think I am clear of the enemies only to see my health bar rapidly deplete until I die. This leaves a real sour taste in the player's mouth that taints the rest of the otherwise enjoyable gameplay experience.

In my unprofessional opinion, this problem can be addressed by adding an audiovisual cue and either having the enemies damage the player by walking into them or by giving them clear attack animations. The most important thing, however, is to pick a certain way and just make it consistent throughout.

Lastly, I have two smaller critiques. The first is how the treasure chests are handled. When you open a chest, rather than getting its contents immediately, you must wait for it to finish randomizing and then physically walk back to its location. I'm not a fan of this as it makes treasure chests basically impossible to get in the late game. However, this might be how the developer so wanted chests to work. It could just be a difference of taste. My second minor issue is the screen-clearing sun item. I am not certain if this is intentional, but when you pick it up, it destroys all enemies and EXP shards on the floor. As such, I was disincentivized to use the item and tried to avoid it when possible.

Overall, I had a very good time with this game. I sincerely look forward to seeing how it changes in the future. 

With this update I can't use keys to unlock doors nor select a weapon to be upgraded by the badger.

Has anyone figured out what the last symbol on the bottom row is and how to unlock it?

Thank you for mentioning the bank because I completely ignored that lol

New Best at 31!

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Fun! Just wish I could use A and D instead of the arrow keys

My best one with 27

Treelogy communityCreated a new topic Help with Seeds

How do you use seeds to upgrade your tree?

How do I un-crouch on keyboard? I can't seem to get up.