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NOICE my personal max is around 2 mil BTW there are 3 easter eggs in the game the one who finds them all has a surprise gift for them

lol silly it is 

OMG i am having difficulty in making sprites in paint but you man you are on another level

Can we use this for commercial purposes......

OMG it looks so good.....  I just tried it bro its awesome thanks so much.... And the best part is it is made in Godot 👍

Count me in

Hi I also use Godot do you want to team up i have made many games (Most of them are just test and research projects)
and i'm 14.5 (DONT FORGET THE .5).

Discord: qazadi#7228

Hey thanks for replying JS paint is a Nice alternative but last night i already installed windows in virtual box soooo all well now, i guess.

Hey so i only use Parrot OS as my main OS with Mac OS as the other.....

so i cant seem to use Microsoft paint any alternatives that would work.....
and if there is negative MARKING for using a alternative lemme know.....

Hi Deep Fold Nice tool i wanted to ask can you add to export it as a GIF it would be awesome if you could do that...

But it remains the coolest thing i have seen in a while

OMG ! it is awesome you could have given it a body but a face is fine as well

Unreal Engine I guess

Awesome game , there is a huge difference in your first game till this one.... Experience maybe.

and overall you make awesome games.

Thanks Niel

So i have a few questions regarding the submission:

Q1.Does the VR game have to work on Oculus Quest or other devices.

Q2.Does the VR game have to be related to a particular topic.

Q3.Is there a engine specified or we can use Godot.

Q4.Can i make it Adult like with lots of blood.

Fine Just answer the today as i am Beniging

(Please note my English is good)

Just the thing I needed. awesome software but there glitches and the interface could be improved but awesome :D

Awesome Man

Awesome I hope i could give you atleast a buck but all i have is $0000000000000000000000.1

It is a nice game as starters, I am making  games with godot for a year now, it really takes practice but it is easy

Ohk No worry's actually i was very angry then  someone stole my game and re uploaded it as his own..........

Amazing Bro.

This is a game from a tutorial :

Give the man credit . Or he can report you and you might even have to pay him

Gr8 software if i had the money i'd surely give it to you

! 🤣👌