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Sheeeeesh dude thats seems noice lol. Although i  havent made any core ASCII art tho i still would like to see if i can help

hit me up on discord: qazadi#7228

Altomare community · Created a new topic A few Questions

Firstly 2d or 3d and secondly

will a Work In Progress/Incomplete game work?

it will ofc have basic gameplay

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Hey, Just saw your video and Well what can i say except thank you and it was enchanting to meet you lol

I am out of words seriously this is huge to me..

thanks allot

And about the story yea well all of the games i make have a story except a few dumb ones..... BTW there is a way to beat the game if you want it i will release a video soon enough.

Hey try this game it is a short horror game in late alpha stages
Its mine :P

and it also has perfection of 69

bro thats some serious shit music

Hey Nice lady are you i see that you like DENSE MILK would you like to have some then come online on discord

Sad dude talking to ur self

Hey as u read in the title i joined the jam just now so I wanted to ask IF i can use my old codes and assets combined with fresh ones and customize them ????????????????????????????????????????? Answer fast lol

Hey there wanna a join a nice little just fine discord server with artists from all over the world and you get your own announcements channels and we do frequent giveaway lol so join:

And also share some good made with godot games

Yea lol you are the most lucky person if you reach higher then 3,00,000

(If you dont you still are very lucky thanks to your daddy's sperm)

NOICE my personal max is around 2 mil BTW there are 3 easter eggs in the game the one who finds them all has a surprise gift for them

lol silly it is 

OMG i am having difficulty in making sprites in paint but you man you are on another level

Can we use this for commercial purposes......

OMG it looks so good.....  I just tried it bro its awesome thanks so much.... And the best part is it is made in Godot 👍

Count me in

Hi I also use Godot do you want to team up i have made many games (Most of them are just test and research projects)
and i'm 14.5 (DONT FORGET THE .5).

Discord: qazadi#7228

Hey thanks for replying JS paint is a Nice alternative but last night i already installed windows in virtual box soooo all well now, i guess.

Hey so i only use Parrot OS as my main OS with Mac OS as the other.....

so i cant seem to use Microsoft paint any alternatives that would work.....
and if there is negative MARKING for using a alternative lemme know.....

Hi Deep Fold Nice tool i wanted to ask can you add to export it as a GIF it would be awesome if you could do that...

But it remains the coolest thing i have seen in a while

OMG ! it is awesome you could have given it a body but a face is fine as well

Unreal Engine I guess

Awesome game , there is a huge difference in your first game till this one.... Experience maybe.

and overall you make awesome games.

Thanks Niel

So i have a few questions regarding the submission:

Q1.Does the VR game have to work on Oculus Quest or other devices.

Q2.Does the VR game have to be related to a particular topic.

Q3.Is there a engine specified or we can use Godot.

Q4.Can i make it Adult like with lots of blood.

Fine Just answer the today as i am Beniging

(Please note my English is good)

Just the thing I needed. awesome software but there glitches and the interface could be improved but awesome :D

Awesome Man

Awesome I hope i could give you atleast a buck but all i have is $0000000000000000000000.1

It is a nice game as starters, I am making  games with godot for a year now, it really takes practice but it is easy

Amazing Bro.

Gr8 software if i had the money i'd surely give it to you

! 🤣👌