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Thank you! ^^ Glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!! :)

We're not sure about the fate of the book yet, we might keep it so you can always check the recipes at least. We definitely want to do a proper tutorial, so we'll most likely implement a progressive mechanic for teaching the ropes of the game like you suggested. It'll be a lot easier to pick up the game when you're shown how the game works at first and then are introduced to new things slower! ^^

Thanks a lot! ^^

We'll discuss where we want to take this project with the team, and the comments have already given us a lot of good feedback!

Thank you for your comment :)

We really loved coming up with different ways the environment reacts to things, so we'd love to explore new ideas with it if we take this project further. We also wanted to create lots of opportunities to sow a little more chaos into things! :P

I'm happy you found it challenging and fun! :D

You're right that we purposefully tried to make it so things would get hectic! We wanted there to be chaos while you're working and the more you try to do things at the same time the more things get crazy :P If we're taking this project further there are still things we'll take a look at and refine and improve upon! Thanks for the comment!

..Just one more run!

Thank you for the comment :D

Woooop! :3 Lovely that you enjoyed the game!

Holding down to move is something we'll try out at the very least :) If that still doesn't feel good we'll try something else as well. We wanted to do the grid movement and make it feel crisp and responsive, so it was an oversight on our part that it kinda is hard on your hands when things get hectic! The 48-hour time frame of the jam was quite harsh, and we didn't want the game to be about just pre-making weapons, so we didn't include any way to store items. We will give it more thought in terms of the future of the game, maybe it'd be a thing you can unlock or something like that. For now the customers are just mean and impatient and make you pay for it! :P

Thanks for the detailed comment ^^ It was fun to hear your thoughts!

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Thank you for playing and leaving a comment! :)

Our ties into the theme are things like the game happening only on one screen and holding only one item at a time. It's nothing too revolutionizing, though, so I understand where you're coming from! ^^

Thanks for checking out our other games :) Yeah, marketing is not our strong suit, and we haven't tried publishers yet. We will have to research more into them and see if we can find a good one for us. That's solid advice for consideration, though!

Yeah, I think it's a good thing, though :D Then you'll have ideas to work with after the jam!

Cool, thanks for checking out our other stuff! There's more to come in the future! :)

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Thank you for commenting! :D

Glad you liked the floor breaking mechanic! In the future we'd really love to implement similar interactions with the environment and map in general! I think those could bring a lot more spice to the gameplay. We'll work on improving the movement controls to make them less straining and we have a few ideas on how to do it! :)

That's a really funny way of describing the game xD Thank you!

We hope to correct the carpal tunnel syndrome part in the future, though! :)

Yaaay! :D We're glad you had fun!

We wanted to make the game chaotic, but it was a bit of an oversight on our part that when you play the game really fast it gets straining on the hands. We already have ideas for solving the issue though :)

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Heya, nothing to apologize for when expressing what you think!

I'll try to answer everything to the best of my capability:

-We wanted to make the controls very responsive and crisp, but the strain it causes when playing fast was an oversight on our part. We already have some ideas in mind!

-This was our first game jam, so we began with using the one screen concept, because it would prevent the scope of the project getting too huge for the jam. After that we started thinking about fun concepts we could do in just on one screen and started coming up with the management puzzle gameplay idea in which you can only carry one item at a time, and craft everything from a single material and  then have to manage multiple things at once :) We fell in love with the concept of the game, so we quickly locked it in, even though it's not super out there in terms of the theme, but it fits! We're actually quite happy, because without the theme, we wouldn't have come up with this. It worked as great inspiration to spark up ideas without being really restricting.

-Yeah, it kinda makes no sense! Our internal explanation was that items staying too long in the water start to rust so they go bad! We wanted to implement more management and panic into the gameplay, and we didn't mind being a little unrealistic.

-At one point we were thinking about an item drop mechanic, so you could throw stuff on the floor and pick them up later. We scrapped it though, because we didn't want the game to be about pre-making weapons. It would've defeated a lot of the urgency of the game. You can still kinda temporarily store items by putting them on the crafting table, but not fully completed ones. We'll consider it in terms of the future of the game though :)

-Our thought was that after you took the handle out of the water you wrap it in leather.  We'd love to implement more materials and steps to making stuff later. From design perspective, the handle needed to be visually different from the blade part, so they don't get mixed up.

Thank you for your comment and all the questions you raised! :) I hope I've answered everything sufficiently!

Thank you for the feedback & suggestions! It's very much appreciated! :) You got a crazy high score, well done!

-Progress bar going away would be a nice easy little tweak, or we could turn it green or something like that to let you know when it's done :) We'll do something about it for sure!

-We do take responsibility for the movement! We wanted it to feel responsive and crisp, but the strain it causes to the hands was an oversight on our part! We'll toy around with different solutions to fix the problem ^^

Glad you loved it :D

That's such an honor, thank you!! 
We'll refine the movement mechanics/controls, and hold to move is something we'll definitely try out among other things! We don't want to wear out people's hands! ><
During the jam we came up with lots of ideas on how to expand the game and introduce new fun things :) Different levels, recipes, materials and hazards are on our mind at the very least! co-op is a BIG question mark though, we haven't yet thought about it! Thanks for bringing it up. ^^

Really cool idea! Gives me some nice rhythm game vibes as I'm a big fan of those types of games. This could easily work as an auto-runner too!

you're pretty cool!

Also, thanks!

Whoah ;o; Thank you very much! We're all extremely happy to hear that!

Sorry about your hand, though! I see you really got into it! :D If we decide to keep working on the game, we'll for sure work on the movement mechanics to make it less straining on the hands!

Glad ya enjoyed it! C:

I'm with you 100%, the tutorial is something we'll work on for sure!

Thank you for commenting! :]

At one point we were thinking about an item drop mechanic, so you could throw stuff on the floor and pick them up later, but we scrapped it. Part of it was due to time constraints, and other part was that we didn't want the game to be about pre-making weapons. It's all made to order! We'll still consider it in terms of the future of the game, though! :D

We'll definitely want to improve the movement mechanics/controls so that it's less straining on the hands! Sorry about that!

Heeey! ^^

Thanks for including some improvement suggestions and your experience with the game in your comment! A tutorial for the player is something that we kinda ran out of time doing during the jam, it's definitely something that we want to take a look at and improve! What I can gather from people is that with some guidance to that "click" moment, the game seems to be easy to pick up! From there on we can introduce new things to the player at a more reasonable pace, and keep the gameplay exciting :)

Thank you for playing! :D I'm happy you enjoyed our game.

Owwie! :'( Sorry about your fingers!

I'm happy to hear you had such a fun time, though! ^^ We'll work out ways to make the movement mechanics better on the hands!

Hey, thanks for playing! :)

That's understandable! The introduction could definitely use some more work to make it a bit more clear.

Thank you for commenting & playing! ^^

This was our first game jam, so we were actually REALLY surprised how far we got with the project!! You're right that our tie into the theme might not be super "out there". For us the main tie into the theme was carrying and holding only one item at a time, but we also decided very early on to make the entire game happen on one screen to keep the scope of our project in check :) Hope this explains our thoughts a bit!

Thanks for commenting!

We'd definitely love to expand upon the idea to make it more exciting now that we have the core gameplay! :)

Thank you! :)

It's cool that you found the game fun! We still have lots of ideas from the jam that we didn't have time to do to diversify and spice up the gameplay! :D It feels very natural to come up with ways to build upon the game now that we have a base! I agree that it needs more of a twist to it.

Hey everyone! This was our first jam, and we had a really good time together!

We made a game called Blastsmith!

Here are a few comments about it:
"Fun game that feels great to play, with an absurd amount of polish for 48 hours. ..." –npinsker
"This was a blast to play! I love it! ..." –danegraphics

Try it out and let us know what you think! :)

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We had an absolute blast making Blastsmith come to life!
You can only hold one item at a time, and you have to manage the hectic business of a blacksmith!

We've already got so much positive feedback, here are a few picks:
"Fun game! It reminds me of some of my favorite puzzle games. ..." -t3nshi
"... I believe you are a very few steps away from a very solid commercial product, keep it up!" -mrsamsh

We could always use more feedback and opinions on the game, so please give it a try!

Awesome that so many aspects of the game were to your liking :) Thank you very much!

Encouraging words to hear, thank you!

Thank you for the comment! :)

I totally understand! The control scheme and movement is something we'd want to iterate and improve upon to make it less tiring on the hands!

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you had *ahem* a blast! ;D

We ran out of time when it came to making a clear, proper tutorial to get you started! It's something we'll definitely want to improve upon in the future! :)

Thanks for elaborating, so we can have useful feedback to improve the game with later down the line! :) It could definitely use adjusting, one of the concerns was giving the player enough time to get adjusted to how everything works, since they would be pretty much thrown into the fray, but we quite possibly overshot it for that one!

Thank you for the comment! I hope your left hand is feeling better, and that your right hand doesn't now hurt instead x'D

You were quite the champ scoring that high, thanks for including your score! You're right, though. When things are going well, there aren't that many wrenches being thrown in, so the wrenches are only being thrown in when the player makes mistakes, like leaving an ore in the forge too long or failing to fulfill an order (Both instances blow up 1 floor tile, making it inaccessible and harder to navigate the map). The customers do keep coming more quickly and having less time to complete orders over time, but the build up isn't all too rapid right now. We'll definitely consider throwing more wrenches, it wouldn't be a real workshop otherwise ;P

Thank you for playing & reviewing the game, and taking the time out of your day to do so! :)

You raised some good points! For me personally, you enjoying your time with the prototype is more than enough! If we go forward with this, we'll try our best to introduce new mechanics and gameplay elements to spice things up! Right now the basic gameplay loop is in place, though! :D To us the theme being so open ended was a joy,  since it gave us ideas and inspiration to bounce off of and make what we'd love to make, while at the same time it didn't  limit us! ^^

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Thanks for the comment & review! :) We kind of ran out of time to make a better tutorial during the jam, but all the feedback is very welcome, because we already have plans on how to improve the game thanks to them! :D When we first started coming up with ideas, we were thinking of limiting ourselves to one screen, because it helps keep the scope of the project in check, but shortly after that we started thinking what else we could come up with that's just "only one", which long story short, spiralled into a puzzle management game about holding just one item at a time. So our main tie to the theme is carrying only one item at a time (The one screen thing kind of stuck as a byproduct as well :P). I hope that opens up our thought process with the theme a bit!

We're actually very glad it was such an open ended theme, since we got to make a game we all really enjoyed coming up with, building and playing, and it was an unforgettable jam experience for us! :)

Thanks for playing! :D Overcooked is a super fun game and definitely inspired us! :)

I hope so, we'll definitely need to work on the movement controls as well, to make them less straining on the hands! Thank you, we'll try our best!