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Z Tetriminos

A member registered Jun 10, 2020

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Awesome work!

+1 please add cyrillic support!

Hello, I'm Lloyd.

I'm a soon-to-be Linguistics major, with reading proficiency in English and a B1 level of Russian. Four years of my graduation were dedicated to a secondary specialisation in Russian language, with my native Brazilian Portuguese being the first specialisation by default. My English is self-taught.

It's not easy to begin a career in Translation, so here I am, eager to help you in exchange for your gratitude and some credit for my portfolio!

I have no experience with any CAT tools yet - I'm trying my hand with Trados Studio, and I have no trouble learning new tools on the fly.

What can I help you with?

  • English to Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian to Brazilian Portuguese (need flexible deadlines, because I work slower with Russian)
  • Portuguese to English (it's always wiser to choose a native speaker of the language you want to translate into, but I can do small projects for free)

Contact me:


Twitter: @ztetriminos


I'm in love with this game and I absolutely gonna support it in any way I can.

For now I'm playing the early access and I'd just like to share some issues and suggestions:

- There's an annoying glitch (?) where you can't see an equipment's stats before equipping it.

- The combat difficulty needs to be addressed. I don't care about the RNG, but I think that a greater difficulty would make more sense since this game is all about conserving your items. This game seems to be the type where "every battle counts", so I'd love if it follows this direction. For now, combat quickly ceases to be interesting and difficult and soon starts to feel like a chore. I know this is VERY hard to adjust, and I'm willing to ignore this issue if the rest of the game can compensate for it, since the battles are not the main focus of the project.

- The characters speak all alike. They do have personality, but their way to act and talk could be more distinguishable.

I love the way the language barrier is addressed, the visuals, the soundtrack - even if it's just a placeholder, its mood fits very well  - and, especially, the modern-day setting.

Long Gone Days is something I'm very happy I came across.