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Lovely! <3

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Thank you for your game. I didn't complete it at 100%, but the basic experience was chill and lovely. <3


Non sono molto cosciente di cosa ho lavorato, non solo perché l'ho giocato miliardi di volte per assicurarmi fosse tutto a posto, ma sono stati anni un po' particolari in cui non ero molto scosciente di quel che stavo facendo.

Buono, no? Sembra abbia fatto un bel gioco senza neanche usare l'1% del mio potere, ahah!

Scherzi a parte, grazie per avermi scritto. Un bel commento di vicinanza vale tantissimo, anzi, sono proprio contento abbia fatto proprio il successo che volevo: il gioco non è né ignorato, né troppo famoso a tal punto da finire tra le mani di chi non lo avrebbe compreso.

Quando alcuni su Twitch ne parlarono male dicendo che era pesante, non mi sono abbattuto affatto, anzi, lì soprattutto ho avuto la conferma che devo perseverare a fare giochi come The Devil's Womb: che possano quindi piacere a pochi, quei pochi che riescono a percepire - anche un minimo - quel che provo.

Vi comunico che qualcosa bolle da un anno a questa parte, in questi 4 mesi è rinato dalle ceneri, e tra qualche anno di duro lavoro vedrà la luce.
Si tratta di qualcosa di veramente forte.

Con un po' di fortuna, conto di far provare la pre-alpha demo al Romics, o in qualche altra fiera. 

Grazie di avermi scritto.
Vi auguro di passare buone feste!

Thank you!
I can't wait for it as well. The problem is I'm not sure the pre-alpha demo will be ready toward December, but in doubt, I cannot sleep on peas. Ahah!

Hello! :O
Thanks so much, even though you wrote a review!

I'm sorry, I often forget to reply to everyone, both for distraction and because despite my good intention to have good convos... they rip me off a lot of energy, Ahah! .-.

I anticipated the reveal of my new game toward the 18 December.
Pray for me 'till that day.

I wish to surprise you the most I can! >:3

That's simple but entertaining. I liked it. :

Very smart concept. Congratulations.

In realtà il tempo è pochetto.

Ci sono storie a me molto care che voglio raccontare, e possibilmente voglio farlo ignorando i progetti inutili (intendo FPS o giochi scemi).

E' vero, avrei una visibilità maggiore, ma quel che voglio raccontare viene prima dei giochi-meme.

Potrebbero non essere apprezzati, ma dopotutto siamo nell'epoca dove regnano i social, quindi nulla viene apprezzato se lo fai spontaneamente e col cuore in mano.

La soluzione è dare se stessi a quei pochi che ti possono comprendere, devo mantenere come unica mia ambizione ciò che amo fare senza badare a ciò che viene dopo il rilascio di un gioco.

Hey. Thank you for playing!

The reason why you can't look up and down is to avoid seeing the player character flat.

I could make it 3D, but I chose this graphic style.

Thanks again for playing. I wish so much to destroy the creative block that I got after the release of The Devil's Womb.

Sono contento di aver ricevuto un commento italiano dopo tanto tempo, sono però scontento di non aver fatto granché di nuovo in tutti questi lunghi 3 anni.

Lo hai giocato? A che punto sei arrivato\a?

Apprezzo tanto, i giochi indie puramente amatoriali non vengono apprezzati in Italia.

Grazie mille quindi... sul serio. <3

Nice idea and smart design choices.


Awesome game, the swapping mechanic was original a lot!

Oh, You played it in Italian!

Only ideas aren't enough. I need luck to make the REAL Painboy.
For now what I can do is making games and reading books. The future is uknown, but better thinking optimist. :)

Thank you for playing it and have a nice day! :D

After a long period of stress, I worked at this without being destroyed by it.

Project Painboy is an Arena Shooter with Metroidvania elements and with a weird storytelling system.

"Wow, cool. Is this Project Painboy?"

Unfortunately, no.
This is just a playable teaser developed during the "Two minutes horror game jam". Painboy is divided into 5 games...
it will be so hard to develop.

"Aww, will you develop it a day?"

Who knows... but for the moment you can play this interactive teaser.

Link to the teaser game: Painboy - Playable teaser

Enjoy it!

Hi. The Devil's Womb doesn't follow the classical storytelling struct (the hero's journey) I need to read more books about storytelling for videogames. Moreover, both the translator and proofreader made bad work that confuse everything.

Let's continue to talk in my email address (this to avoid to make spoilers). :)

Hi! I wish to find a team to work with as soon as possible, so I can make games that also "big babies" like you can play without be afraid. :)

Recently I'm not making games because I'm focusing on writing stories for my new projects, I'm not primarly a gamedeveloper. I'm a cartoonist and story-teller. 

But I 've already talked about this in a new video:

When the next poetry-jam will be?

Perfect to do some computer jokes. lol

Hi. Thanks for playing! Unfortunately the proofreader made the translation acceptable but not perfect... I hope next time to choose someone better. :')

Awesome idea!
Flipnote Studio miss too much... :(

Unplayable for me... my aim just sucks, but it is an awesome game for who can play it.
Goodluck for the early access!

Ok. I didn't understand it.
Unfortunately, if it is opensource, it is not for me.
Have fun and good work. :)

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I've an old project with a few of code and assets, I wish to partecipate in this jam by reworking on it, because without expiration date I make vapor...
I wish to know why I need to publish on Github my project.
The jam seems to be nice, but I don't want to share the project as public on Github with the risk somebody can download the source code.

Let me know, thanks!

Sorry for my imperfect English. Here on Itch Grammarly doesn't work.

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Very nice, also if in certain parts the game seems to slow down.
I reached 1720 points, I'm so noobish. :v

Contact me by mail.

Write to our mail.
It is in description. :)

With great pleasure of mine, after almost two years of solo development, this morning I released The Devil's Womb.

The project started in Unity as a first-person game, but when I realized I was just one small person against a big 3D project, then I decided to make a 2D top-down prequel with RPG Maker MV.
After months of slow development and bad moments, I made it!

The Devil's Womb is here
(but next time I'm going to use Unity or other engines... RPGMaker is boring to use :v)

First chapter of the saga, The Devil's Womb is a free "Made in Italy" classic puzzle adventure-horror title produced by Insane Cat Studio and made with RPG Maker MV.

Part of the story is set during the Second World War, more precisely in Krakow.

The protagonist, a girl named Franciszka Jung, is about to undergo the last psychiatric session before discharge.
She suffered from various psychotic disorders in the past that led her parents to hospitalize her.
After years of prayers and treatment, that day was the last day for Franciszka: the day before her death.



Ok. This game creates addiction.

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This time I take a break from development to play your game!