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I'm theorizing that the "I'd" is in place of "I would", which could mean "I would've done/finished this" as evidenced by what appears to be a bunch of potentially scrapped or unfinished work. I relate to this a lot as one who starts making a lot of games but always loses motivation halfway through. Beautiful zine.

Absolutely amazing! The puzzles are very smartly designed. I really wonder what's your process when creating these levels, especially the final puzzle. I also loved the little bits of story you get as you go on that act as little motivators to complete the game. I love Mr. Furmoon's little icon too.

Loved it

I beat it in five minutes :yawn: 2 ez for me kid

Extremely well polished and executed! I think the only main issue I have is that I can kind of just move around randomly until I get the solution (which is common for these kinds of rolling games in the jam). I also think adding hotkeys to flip the view or restart could help a lot in making the game feel smoother. Fun game.

Really cool visuals and music! I really think some sound and particle effects would add a lot of responsiveness and juice to the game. Also, I think telling us what upgrade we got after selecting a card would also be nice as its kind of unclear.

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Yeah a main thing we're working on is to smooth out the dragging system to reduce frustration (increasing dice size, making snapping dice into place more forgiving, etc). Thanks for checking out the game!

Overall a really solid concept for a very fun strategy game! I encourage you to pursue this further as I think this has a lot of potential

I liked the creative mechanics around randomly generated worlds and spells. Unfortunately I ran into a bug that spawned me outside of the map, making it so I had to just wait the day out. fun game tho

Really solid game. The SFX make it really satisfying to blowing up a pizza. I also love the creative mechanic of changing the dice values by just shooting them into the wall.

this is mostly an issue with browser games, I think you just have to click onto the game again so it registers you are playing.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that we forgoed a lot of the polish and visuals in favor of gameplay (mostly due to a lack of skill and time constraints). Hopefully we can spruce things up after the jam ends.