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Dude! This is such an awesome little game! I am loving all these games coming out with robots as their main character! Episode 1 is up! 

Thanks for making the game! 
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This game is beautiful! I love the idea of this game and the character are fun and quirky! Thanks for making it! 

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Thank you for making this game, RusnakLab. It pulls on my heartstrings like a good game should.  The story was simple but effective and the music was filled with passion. Keep up the good work! 

Hey Lou Bagel! 

I played your game on my YouTube channel! 

Thanks for making this game! It was really neat and I LOVEd the art style. It is good to see more games using this art style. Keep up the good work! 

Created a new topic Streaming tonight at 7p est!

Hey everyone! 

This is just a reminder that I will be streaming a couple of your games during tonight's time slot! 

These are the three games I chose:

1. Lost Smokes - Tartle Games
2. Hallowitchie - hamman
3. EggBagel - Lynthias



Created a new topic Streaming your games!

Hello everyone!

Every Sunday for the past couple weeks, I've been streaming the games made during our jam, WeeklyGameJam. Since we are partnering with you guys for the next two weeks, I'd love to stream some of your games during this jam. If you do not want me to stream your game, just direct message and NO STREAM MY GAME and I won't expose you to the WWW. 

If you are interested in checking out some of our past jams, I have two VODs up on my Twitch channel. 

My Twitch Page

Thanks again!