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Hey Caleb Winston,

I just finished playing your game. I feel a little confused by what this is supposed to be.

I see that I can create a wave and then when I introduce another wave on top of that it increases the amplitude. I would love to see an actual music note represented with wave as I think that could be a great way to design a new synth sound.


Hey im_a_good_boye,

I just finished playing your game!

This was a well designed game with a neat mechanic. I enjoyed looking back and forth between the two games to plan my next step. I felt like it was challenging enough to keep me engaged, but not too challenging where I wanted to quite playing. Those dang spikes got me more than the clouds! I kept thinking the game was glitching out, but it turned out I was hitting the spikes on the other screen haha.

I'd say just crank out some more levels and tell us why they are linked together! I am sure you can come up with something creative! ;) 


Hey Frances,

I just finished playing your game!

I love the idea of an alien joining a synchronized swimming team, and her suit messes up, so she has to take over manually. That is priceless XD 

Two Improvements:
Cathy's sprite is missing from the game. I am unable to see what Cathy looks like and she is headless during the actual mini-game. 

The silhouette for the friend we are trying to copy moves around quite a bit. I would anchor her torso and only allow the legs and arms to move when she is posing in the different positions. Since she is moving so much, it is hard to tell precisely which body part has moved and what needs to be copied. 

Good job! 


Hey Nightrunner,

I just finished playing your game! I LOVE this idea. 

Doing a bunch of random tasks together with someone else and trying to get the timing right. This could be a lotttttt of fun. I am reminded of Wario wares style games. A bunch of quick, super crazy mini-games, but this time, we are talking about teamwork. 

I'd say add some music to each of the existing levels and start pumping out more levels. You could also add some avatars at the top of the screen with three different emotes, normal, happy, and sad/mad. That will give the player another visual reward for completing the challenge. 

Nice job!


Hey LittleFieryOne

I just finished playing your game! :D 

I would get rid of the pulsing yellow for the countdown and the bottom bar. It is extremely bright and bad for your eyes & if someone is prone to seizures, this game might be a problem for them. Regardless, I think you should put a warning on this game to be safe and considerate. 

I like the idea of the race between the two ghosts. I think we need to add some things to slow down the racers. That way they aren't just blindly going back and forth just trying to catch the next power up. That would force them to pay more attention to what they are picking up.

Good job! Keep up the good work! 


Good morning saint_angels!

I just finished playing your game. I am interested to know the story behind this one as I feel like I am missing the plot. I am sure there is a reference that I am missing in this game. 

I also found there is only one way to actually progress in the game. You have to click Yes to get to the end. If you hit No, you just go in a loop. 

Keep on jammin', saint_angels! 


I am just passing by while adding these games to my list to play and I see I have the artistic talent of a peanut. 

I just shot drink out of my nose because of you! 

Thank you, AliShafique! T_T

You are very welcome, my friend! Good luck! Keep devin! 

Hey Alariann,

This is a very good game!

Next step for you dude is just baking some more levels and maybe add some different enemies that can interfere with our rounded square. Dare I say a baddie that can roam the middle areas that you have to avoid. Yes...I am evil.  

Maybe create a longer musical loop as well. After about 10 minutes, its gets a little repetitive haha.

Good job! 


Hey Last Hope Of The Internet! 

This game was very pretty! I love the little scene you made for the snail and his compadres! 

I loved the variety of creatures in this game! I was a little confused by the large area affect circles that each mob presented. I understand I am not supposed to be in the circle, but I wasn't sure what they were doing. 

The effect crystals are a neat idea, but sometimes I felt like after I used them I would die almost immediately since the other creatures can continue to move and place their AoE circles to catch me.

Cute idea! Get you some sound effects, music, and work on those crystals a little bit and you'll have a nice little game! Keep up the good work! 


Hey Legendiguess,

I just finished your game! 

This game was funny! Since it was one hit, it was pretty hard. I felt like I was just spamming Z as fast as I could instead of trying to wait until it turned green.

The characters movement was the icing on the cake for me! What a wobble! haha

I would have loved just a little bit more diaglous from our main character and maybe from the other cowboys. Maybe little speed bubbles with spagehettit jokes or puns. 

Great idea! Flesh it out a little more and you have a funny little game! 


Hey Daniel! :D 

I just finished your game! 

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. It was fun trying to figure out the best way to survive against the sets of three. I figured out if you always click the lever every time you come across it, it would reset the counter. This strategy keeps those corners nice and safe for you! 

This game could benefit from a counter that shows you how long you have lasted so you can track your progress. It could also benefit from some other baddies to chase you around. The other baddies could be a little faster, so you have to deal with them immediately. 

Fun game! Keep up the good work! 


Hey bhagatnagi,

I just finished your game and I am dying laughing. That was hilarious! 

This brought me back to the flash animation day where games on NewGrounds were coming out daily. They were short and wacky! 

Since this is more of a tongue in cheek game, I don't think you need to improve his singing since...well...he just isn't good. But, we could improve just the tones that are played with the key presses on two fronts

Take a song and hum or gibberish sing it. Try to make the important notes more obvious in your voice. You will use those when you are deciding what "notes" to put on screen. 

Then instead of arrow keys equal a certain tone, they are just used to make sure he is still singing along with the song instead. If he gets off time or misses a note, then you play the god awful tones from this game. 

I love this game so much. I had a good laugh playing this game! Great job! 


Hey Jianjaico! 

This is a cute little game. I love the struggle between these two objectives! I'd say this might be a real struggle for some people haha. 

I thought it was funny that the bugs could land on your head. There were several times where I am pacing back and forth trying to hit the next guy or bug, yet I still have one on my head XD That was great! 

I'd say next step is to define an actual win mechanic. Do we have to hold out for a 1 minutes? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? Or are we forced to pick one or the other? If we are forced to pick, then we need to see that scene play out.

The boy chooses his girlfriend, and we go out on a date. The computer is infested with bugs and BLOWS UP! 

The boy chooses his computer, and he plays video games for the rest of the week. The girl goes out with the cool dude on a date. They look happy, and she loves like she is in love. 

That way, we get a conclusion to the story and aren't stuck wondering what happens next! 

Keep up the good work! 


Hey Alariann! 

I just finished playing your game! 

I love how you explain the controls for him and it is how you start the game too! How cool is that! That way, I am forced to understand the controls before I am allowed to continue. Good idea. 

I think the only thing that needs a little bit of work is the code behind the boss. I want to feel a little more presence from him. Maybe if he can "sense" where the main character is to better drop his minions off. That would help him be a little more threatening and it would force me to deal with those minions a little quicker instead of just avoiding them. 

Keep up the good work! 


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Hey NickTheSic,

Awesome job on your game! You have a good amount of content for such a little time frame. I am so glad to see so many different enemies! You also had good instructions on how to play, sound effects, musics, and hand drawn characters. 

Both me and the wife were talking about the Boss's attacking death sphere. I am really impressed by that mechanic! I am sure that one was fun to code! 

I'd say the next step for you is to polish up the art a little, give me a back story, and start pumping out those levels so each of those bosses has their own domain.



Hey Ekfo,

Looks like I forgot to hit save on my review for your game! Whoops! 

Well, just finished playing your game. It was pretty good for your first game! Congratz! 

The only thing I would recommend changing is the "drawing" your weapon mechanic. It makes more sense to have your weapon already out in this situation. You are ready to battle and you see an enemy coming straight towards you! You should be armed and ready to fight! 

This will make the combat a little faster since I won't have to just spam attack while I'm in range and then run away as fast as possible.

Great job!! Keep it up! 


Whats up, Single Couch Games! 

I finished playing your game! Man! What a challenge! Several times I got the boss down to less than 10% percent health, but I was unable to finish it off! 

The controls seem to be what caused most of the mishaps for sure. I was busy trying to click off the pink circles to dodge the logs and then I would get hit by the trees vines. If the tree had a better defined cue, I think I would have survived a little longer. 

Very neat idea though! I can't wait to see how you build some other levels 

Good luck! 


Hey jcmonkey! 

I agree with the others, the bosses were pretty hard. I did find that once you took the time to learn the patterns of their bullets, you could stay alive a whole lot longer. You need something to force us into bad breathe distance because that is the most accessible place to dodge the bullets and keeps your player moving quite a bit. If you limit the range of our weapon that will fix that problem rather quickly.

I am not sure if anyone else was having this problem, but I would occasionally see parts of the level appear and disappear. I am not sure what was going on there. Might check with some others and see if they were having that issue too.
I love the bosses though. They looked super awesome, and their firing patterns combined with the firing patterns of the level made this game tough, but achievable. 

One last thing. Don't feel like you have to create a screen on what you were going to include. Try to make your submission as standalone as possible. Don't get the player the sense that something is missing is what I am trying to say. Because what you submitted is entirely playable and is good! 

Keep up the good work! 



I had so much fun with your game. 

This game was simple, full of color, the combat felt rewarding, and the sound effects were super. 

I did notice something that was kind of weird. I didn't get any sound effects from the main character until after I used the Link-style circle slash. Somehow that triggered the sound effects. Not sure about that one. 

Going forward? I would love to see some minions appearing every once in a while to break the combat cycle just a little bit. If not minions, make the boss do something where I must "fight" him in a different way. 

Even my wife said this game looked beautiful. 

Woohoo! Keep it up! 


I just finished playing your game. I must say I love the art style of the game. 
In the vein of proof of concept games, I think you are there. You have illustrated a playable game with some slight changes among the bosses' weapons. I would have liked to see some complex shooting patterns like a pause in between every couple of shots to break the monotony. It would give the player a chance not to lose so much health. You could also change around the ammunition types (rockets, lasers, pulses, etc.). 

Good job! Keep up the good world! :D 


SECRET ROOM!? AHHHHHHH! Now, I am going to lose sleep!!

Hey Zerk! 

I just finished playing your game! I feel like I understand what it means to be a Boss now! Thank you for that!

The powers were fun, sound effects felt like they belonged, and the paroling units made the office come alive.  Each room feels like a room you would find in an office! Super great! 

The only thing that could use some improvement is the controls. I didn't feel like I could get the Boss to go where I wanted to when I got to the far corners of the room. Not being able to control him accurately was mildly frustrating, but it could also be the debris in the room that was making it difficult. If you could switch the controls to the WSAD or arrow keys, I think that would help a lot. 

Good job! You put so much work into this game, and it shows!


Hey Sinthteck,

I just finished playing your game. 

Boy! That was addictive! I couldn't get that last gem to save my life, and I have been working at it for a good 30 minutes. 

Two things that stuck out to me. The climbing sprite could use two variates. You can cycle between the two of them to make it look like the boy is climbing instead of floating up the sides. The second thing is I want to hear more about the story of the boy and the old man. Add some dialogue while he is climbing up the mountain. 

Maybe the boy is upset that the old man won't tell him the secrets of climbing and we get to see the boy's emotions about the whole thing OR maybe each gem represents a memory between the boy and the old man. He remembers all the things that he has taught him over the years and the last gem represents the training required to climb aka the actual game. 

Loved the game! The music was a excellent loop, and I felt the sound effects were justttttt right. Good job! 


Hey r083r70,

I love the idea of giving your players more keyboard commands as they are progressing forward in your game; that is interesting and could be if that stayed as the core function of the game. 

It would be nice if you had some music and some sound effects to help some of the quieter times where you are going between the different modules. You could even make those two items into pixels to collect like the rest of them through the game. 

The game was fun, and it was challenging as well! Good job! 

Hey karpopper!  

Your game is easy to understand, demonstrates an interesting game mechanic, and is straight to the point. If you build out that game mechanic just a little more, you could create a fantastic game.

So the character is your average joe, then you hold down the space button. He becomes a devil that charges forward and attacks anything that breathes. I can think of several hazards and challenges that could work great with this human/beast mix. Complex mind button challenges, conversation challenges with certain NPCs, simple platforming, and some timed challenges. 

Now for the beast, you focus on brutish type challenges that happen right in the mix of the human difficulties; that is where the fun happens. You have to quickly switch between those two modes to deal with the problems at hand. You can also create another trait for the beast, restrict vision. This trait will make it harder to plan and force the player to deal with the challenges quicker. 

You did a good job, my friend! Keep up the good work! 

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Hey joshwashere! 

I just finished playing your game. I loved the idea of rescuing specific programs from the clutches of the virus code. You can expand the program rescuing idea and have an exciting game. Maybe you could name them after important files within Windows, Mac, or Linux to show their "importance" in the world. You are the antivirus swooping into the action to save the high profile files. 

I had some issues with staying alive. I was able to jump on top of the bad guys, and I could stay alive while I slowly made my way through the level. I was able to fire a bullet every once and a while, but I couldn't figure out what allowed me to shoot more. 

Good job! Keep up the good work!

Dude! This is such an awesome little game! I am loving all these games coming out with robots as their main character! Episode 1 is up! 

Thanks for making the game! 


This game is beautiful! I love the idea of this game and the character are fun and quirky! Thanks for making it! 

Thank you for making this game, RusnakLab. It pulls on my heartstrings like a good game should.  The story was simple but effective and the music was filled with passion. Keep up the good work! 

Hey Lou Bagel! 

I played your game on my YouTube channel! 

Thanks for making this game! It was really neat and I LOVEd the art style. It is good to see more games using this art style. Keep up the good work! 

Hey everyone! 

This is just a reminder that I will be streaming a couple of your games during tonight's time slot! 

These are the three games I chose:

1. Lost Smokes - Tartle Games
2. Hallowitchie - hamman
3. EggBagel - Lynthias



Hello everyone!

Every Sunday for the past couple weeks, I've been streaming the games made during our jam, WeeklyGameJam. Since we are partnering with you guys for the next two weeks, I'd love to stream some of your games during this jam. If you do not want me to stream your game, just direct message and NO STREAM MY GAME and I won't expose you to the WWW. 

If you are interested in checking out some of our past jams, I have two VODs up on my Twitch channel. 

My Twitch Page

Thanks again!