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Hey LittleFieryOne

I just finished playing your game! :D 

I would get rid of the pulsing yellow for the countdown and the bottom bar. It is extremely bright and bad for your eyes & if someone is prone to seizures, this game might be a problem for them. Regardless, I think you should put a warning on this game to be safe and considerate. 

I like the idea of the race between the two ghosts. I think we need to add some things to slow down the racers. That way they aren't just blindly going back and forth just trying to catch the next power up. That would force them to pay more attention to what they are picking up.

Good job! Keep up the good work! 


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I almost had a heart attack because I thought you were actually my brother :)

But seriously, thanks for letting me know. I'll soften it up, though I'd like to keep it somewhat striking. I will put up that warning, though, considering how many bright colors I used. I'll keep that in mind for the future. 

I also like the idea of a slowdown item. I'll see if I can work out the specifics. Maybe I'll make speed boosters the same color as the player and slowdowns the color of the enemy player so they can be distinguished on a moments notice.

With thanks,


Quick Edit: As for when this will be done, I can probably finish it all today, if not tomorrow.