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God I wish that Chris's and Nate's routes will come soon! (Not rushing you tho)

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Oh my god... This was amazing.

Like, there were some spelling mistakes, and there were some problems here and there while playing, but the problems were worth what was ahead.

In Seth's route, I almost cried when Seth said that he and Max cared about the Main character... and also when Seth comforted the Main... I literally couldn't stop crying. I guess it's because I oh so wish I had someone like Seth with me, I related too much with the Main character's insecurity.

The update was worth the wait, and even more! Can't wait for the next one!

Also, the part where Seth says 'Shut the fuck up and eat my spaghetti' and the main character just says 'Okay' cracks me up.

Yeah, like off brands, like for Mario I wrote it as 'Furio' :) Also, don't worry. I allowed them to criticize me. I never got a 'your story is bad I hate it' comment though. Also, that's good! That means the update is coming out in a week or so, right?

Thanks for that!

Though, the comments were not really special. Some pointed out mistakes, some were about laughing at my horrible replacements for games in the furry world. Some were appreciative. Nothing compared to the responses you get!

Again, this VN is really amazing. I am waiting patiently for the next update!

Sorry for replying so late!

By the way, it's nothing really. I write gay furry stories (can you believe that). I do publish them on a website called wattpad, where I got a decent response, but I don't think they are really that great or interesting.

This VN tho... it's amazing.

This looks so amazing! I like all of their personalities! 

Also, Chris and Nate are so cute! Nate will be my first choice, and I saw that Chris to be a dateable character is your second goal, so I can't wait for that to happen!

Thanks for informing me!

Also, I wonder how you got an idea on what story the visual novel should be based on? Were you planning about this story for weeks or months before creating this game? Or did it just came out of the blue, like how it does for me when I'm writing stories?

Thanks for replying! Also, don't really worry about the dark humour. I personally love it! And, I also kind of wanna cuddle with Seth...

Also, I have a doubt. What are the species of the main character and Max? I believe Max is a canine. And the main character doesn't seem like a canine, but I wanna know what species he is. 

Anyways, again, I love your visual novel! Have a good day/night as well! 

Okay, I'm literally hooked to this game now.

This game... I just don't know what to say. There are some grammatical errors, but they get over shadowed by all the good stuff. 

First of all, it tackles with a problem of sexuality, which itself is kind of a sensitive topic for some people. The bullying part is kind of sad, though I can't relate much to it, I do get called 'gay' by some people, even though I never told them or did something publicly for them to know.

Second of all, the characters are well written. In just 20 minutes of playing this game, I'm already attatched to Seth and Max. I just love them so much!

Third, I love all of the humour here, though some of it is dark. I just like how the character just goes along with Seth's dark humour as if Seth was his childhood friend and he just does that all the time.

Lastly, this game is so wholesome... Like, I love it how Seth breaks almost all of the demon stereotypes, and I also love how cute Seth can get! At the end, Seth asking the character to cuddle... it just warms my heart.

All in all, I love this game. I await eagerly for its next update!