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Hey you're very welcome at any time. and thank you for replying I'm still playing the game to find diffrent secrets and lore and I'm wating 

patiently for the complete game. Hope you all the best for completing the game and  not have any diffculty with the anything while you work .I will not hold you anymore I'll report any bugs I find and hopefully I won't to not trouble you anymore

best wishes

I also think I've found use for the emty scrolls from reading the sheets that says "O LORD TEACH HURTING" I think  if you can find a quill and an empty scroll you can write something similer or maybe write something like "O LORD TEACH/GIVE ENLIGHTENMENT" maybe that can save the game? I haven't found a quill and scroll in the same gameplay even after searching all the boxes and barrels and bookshelfs. I've explored every location in game i've opened every colapsed road I had met the all of the mian characters and known about thier pasts and i wanted to ask one question is the door with crow insignia openable? or is it unopenable? . I'm asking this question becasue I've killed the crow mauler and I can't do any thing with him. He doesn't have anything on Him  when I search him and thier is no piont in skinning him either.

I've also found a bundel of information & knowledge   about the new gods and the mian characters hears what I've found :-

1-The new Gods name are 

Franois- the eyes of the blind

Nilvan- The mother of the pure

Valteil- The scholar of arts

Chambara- The tormented one

and there was a fifth one that didn't share the same greatness as the rest of the party               "The Forgotten one"

2-The name of mian characters

Enika- The dark preist

D'arce- The knight

Cahara-The mercenery

Ragnvaldr-The outlander

Hello and as always many greeting. I've completed Fear & Hunger as a dark preist but sadly i've failed my mission for resucing L'garde. I wanted to ask cuple of questions first being that the dark preist never wanted to rescue L'garde, he wanted to become one of the gods. But when i found L'garde dead text box said the looks like L'garde has been dead for a whial. You have failed you mission in rescuing him there is littel reason to stay in the dungen and then I retracked my path out of the dungen and escaped and i got {Ending A Escape} 

Hello and many greetings developer. I just finshed playing fear and hunger as a dark priest. I hadn't finshed all of the game yet but I've ran into many problems one of thos problem being lag but I don't mind it much. second of thos problem being that when I decide to show love to D'arce my character becomes invisible I can still play the game this does not happen at the first ritchul circul but at the one close to the beating heart thing you know the one close by the book that takes you to the tower of torment every time I've tried it happens . third problem I ran into is the bairols near the place  that you have D'arce join your party they disappear after I search them . the fourth thing is the the man that is chained to a wall at the tower of torment  every time I try to attack it I die with no reason but I I don't know if this a bug or a nor merl thing . the last things is  I read in a book that's blacks makes tssiues grow but it"/ doesn't  do it my preist's arm is missing and it won't grow back . forgive me if I annoye you after I managed to kill the crow monster nothing happened their is noting to search no point in skinning him the door that have an insgna won't open and two last I wanted to comment one of them is The out lander how did he get to the deep parts of the tree dungen with out leaving a trace  of entry and the girl D'arce she wouldn't offer her body to a stranger just because he asked her to I mean she a royle knight right?.