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I also think I've found use for the emty scrolls from reading the sheets that says "O LORD TEACH HURTING" I think  if you can find a quill and an empty scroll you can write something similer or maybe write something like "O LORD TEACH/GIVE ENLIGHTENMENT" maybe that can save the game? I haven't found a quill and scroll in the same gameplay even after searching all the boxes and barrels and bookshelfs. I've explored every location in game i've opened every colapsed road I had met the all of the mian characters and known about thier pasts and i wanted to ask one question is the door with crow insignia openable? or is it unopenable? . I'm asking this question becasue I've killed the crow mauler and I can't do any thing with him. He doesn't have anything on Him  when I search him and thier is no piont in skinning him either.