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Hello and many greetings developer. I just finshed playing fear and hunger as a dark priest. I hadn't finshed all of the game yet but I've ran into many problems one of thos problem being lag but I don't mind it much. second of thos problem being that when I decide to show love to D'arce my character becomes invisible I can still play the game this does not happen at the first ritchul circul but at the one close to the beating heart thing you know the one close by the book that takes you to the tower of torment every time I've tried it happens . third problem I ran into is the bairols near the place  that you have D'arce join your party they disappear after I search them . the fourth thing is the the man that is chained to a wall at the tower of torment  every time I try to attack it I die with no reason but I I don't know if this a bug or a nor merl thing . the last things is  I read in a book that's blacks makes tssiues grow but it"/ doesn't  do it my preist's arm is missing and it won't grow back . forgive me if I annoye you after I managed to kill the crow monster nothing happened their is noting to search no point in skinning him the door that have an insgna won't open and two last I wanted to comment one of them is The out lander how did he get to the deep parts of the tree dungen with out leaving a trace  of entry and the girl D'arce she wouldn't offer her body to a stranger just because he asked her to I mean she a royle knight right?.