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Young Horses

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you could also try xattr -cr "/Applications/Octodad Dadliest"

I am unable to fix this at this time. I updated our app to fix all the issues that the mac app store said needed fixing to be on their store and still no luck). It seems to be a common problem with itch and mac os (see bottom here):

Their solution is to install the itch client (which I tested and runs fine and does not have the problem). If you cannot get xattr method to work I suggest downloading the itch client here: and installing that way. If you then want to uninstall itch but keep Octoadad you can copy the Octodad Dadliest to Applications or any other folder by clicking on the settings icon in the itch client next to launch then  -> Manage -> Show in Finder

I have updated the linux version to not be tar.gzipped (as instructs) to be compatible with the itch client.


Sorry about that, we never supported the itch client.  But I guess it's automatic? I can try uploading a version that's not tar.gzipped, but can you let me know if the Linux version even runs if you extract the tar.gz somewhere? And what distro you are using? It is 32-bit and the last officially supported distro was Ubuntu 14.04.

Happy to include both Octodad games!

- Young Horses

Touch controls work on the touchpad. :)


Having trouble climbing the ladder?

This one is free, but the sequel is paid. You're welcome!