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Sure! Thank you so much!


Essential 8bit Music Pack

Essential 8bit Music Pack

This is a music asset collection which includes 26 8bit songs which are indispensable to create retro-style and NES-style games. These assets are optimized  for RPG maker and Unity. 

 If You use RPG maker, You can use loop music simply by copying 「track name_Full.ogg」to "bgm" folder.

These musical gems are easy to use with action games and RPGs and have been split into test data that finishes after looping several times and divided data (intro, loop, full) which can be looped infinitely . These can of course be used in combination as well.

ACT style:10 songs. (ogg) 
RPG style:16 songs (ogg)

Thank you so much!

I`m grad you like my music!  Thank you so much!!

Yes, this is just only one song. There are only 24 persons who have this asset all over the world right now.

Thank you so much!

I`m glad you like my music.

Thank you so much!!

Actually It was tough to making these tracks for this pack, but I`m so glad you are happy!

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Ready to get legendary sounds of the golden age of retro JRPG?

◆A collection of game music assets that faithfully recreate the sounds from a masterpiece fantasy RPG from the golden age of SNES.

◆A tremendous array of 46 tracks, corresponding to the soundtrack for an entire masterpiece game from that time.

◆An assortment of all songs, such as for the title screen, dungeons, towns, villages, fields, battles, and various events, that are needed for an RPG.

◆In general, the length of each loop is roughly 1 - 1.5 minutes long, which is standard for music for SNES video games.

◆Including ogg and m4a for looping on RPG maker.

◆All songs feature separate files of intro and loop to use other development tools.

◆All songs also feature a long MP3 version for listening. They can also be used for videos, in addition to game production.

◆You can use these assets for commercial project.

Battle:7 songs
Dungeon:8 songs
Event:12 songs
Life place :7 songs (Including 2 Japanese style)
Field:5 songs(Including "Airship" and  "Ship") 
Theme:2 songs (Prologue and Epilogue) 
ME:5 +1 songs

Total 46 + 1 songs

Cross Fade Demo (3 songs each)




Lifeplace(Town, Village etc)


I launched out a new single music asset on itch io.

Limited JRPG Battle Music - March 2020

Limited JRPG Battle Music - March 2020
This music asset is literally limited JRPG battle music.

If you do not purchase it by March 31, 2020 (in Japan time) , you will never get this asset.



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Hi, I`m YouFulca, professional game music composer in Japan.

Today, I has released brand new high- grade music asset.
You may wonder this asset is too expensive.
But, that is why this asset will be used by a few unparalleled and professional creators.

If you like demo version, please consider purchasing this.
Demo mp3>> for Decision

Superior Battle Music Asset #1-Time for Decision -



Hi, I`m YouFulca, professional game music producer.
I make a lot of game music and distribute them for FREE.
I mainly inspired by some legendary JRPG.

They are categorized by purpose . 
For example, "Battle", ”Dungeon", "Horror" , "8 bit", "SNES style" ...and such like.

【Sample Music】

And also, I distribute a lot of Sound FX and voice assets.
There are over 800 assets for creating game in my website.
As I update frequently, assets are increasing more and more.
Please be sure to come to my website.

I appreciate for your support!!

I think indie game market in japan is too small than that of overseas,
so I decided  trying to announce foreign developer that my existence!

My music must be useful for all developers around the world.

Thank you!

Yes, Sure!

Terms of use are here.

I update my website to add new music assets frequently.

Please visit!!

I can tell you.

This pack contains JRPG battle music that you've always wanted.

This is a one of music assets in this pack.

This music pack is including assets for Unity and RPGmaker (ogg and m4a).

Of Course there are mp3 for each songs.

All music in this pack are a part of over 200 music that distributed in my website, and they are all FREE!!

They are categorized as Battle, Dungeon, Town, SNES style, 8bit style, and such like situation.

I`ll add various game music in my website frequently.

Also, sound FX, and a lot of Voices are.

If you are looking for nice assets everyday, please visit!!

This is the one of most exciting battle music pack like JRPG!!

I`m real composer of Japanese game music. 

First, You can listen these demo music of this commodity. And if you like these, please purchase!!

demo#1 demo#2 demo#3 demo#4 demo#5

This music pack is including assets for Unity and RPGmaker (ogg and m4a). Of Course there are mp3 for each songs.

Click here and Download!