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Really good game thank you for making this one I really appreciated this one ^^

Hey, Hello, I'm trying to become more activity with the others SNS, I really like the idea of about helping indie games, indie games are our little oasis of creativity nowadays, well my name is Yosei, I can't make games because I'm a dumb I tried sometimes to learn godot but yeah I guess I over complicated things a lot, anyway I can't make games but I can make drawings, I can do almost everything in the drawing subject, illustrations, concepts and etc I'm not too good with pixel art yet and 3D too I would like to work with a game team someday, ah most of my works is NSFW then that's why I did not shared my portfolio link, I work with commissions and my time to make personal works is a bit small, well thank you for your time o/ call me anytime you need