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We're so glad you like it! We might polish it up a bit, but there are no concrete plans yet!

Stick em' anywhere!

Thank you so much for trying it :D

Aaa thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to try it out! ^-^

Hello! I'd really love to try this but don't have a Mac T^T Do you have a video or Windows build of this? Thanks!

An interesting to like, but thanks regardless haha!

Thank you! Tried out your game and can I just say, love the concept. Got me hooked right from the start!

Thank you! Your game was adorable too!

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Hello, thank you for your compliments! Also, I gave your game a shot! It was a little difficult to pick up at first, but nothing impossible. Kudos to you for making this by yourself, very amazing :D

Edit: Oops when the character dies it just sinks into the ground

Ahh that's unfortunate D: we did try to make the gameplay more difficult when testing but we ended up toning it back down to make it more accessible to different players! Thanks for your feedback!

I think you're cool ^ ^

If we have more time, we'd certainly love to add more levels or challenges! Glad you like it!

Thank you so much for giving it a try ^ o ^

Super charming! Love the style and the sounds ~

Bzzt bzzt - hope it didn't get too frantic haha. I tried out your game and I was hooked! When I finally figure out a level, I am super satisfied.

Thank you so much! I also tried out your game and although the concept is simple, I had a ton of fun with it! ^ ^

I imagine the real thing might be quite the terrifying experience!

Will do! Thanks for stopping by ^ 3 ^

Oh dear, I hope your ears are okay!

Thank you so much! We were lucky to have a talented artist on our team ^ o ^ your game is so cute too! Absolutely charming

Aww thank you! If we have the time, it would definitely be cool to do an official release!

Many many thanks! You are awesome ;)

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much! Your game was cute too and I loved the execution - simple but clean and crisp ^ o ^

So cute and simple, I'm absolutely charmed! I don't think I've ever wanted to save Triceratops more in my life!

It isn't a great score, but it was my first time!

Thank you! Your game was absolutely splendid, adorable and I had fun; it deserves good ratings!!!

If we had more time to work on it, we'd totally love to have included more variety and a more refined the lassoing  mechanic!  Glad you liked the experience! ^o^

Perhaps this game can double as a workout haha! Thanks for the comment ~

Thank you so much for the compliments ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪  we wanted to make it stand out with cool effects but maybe we added a tad bit too much, will take note for future projects!