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It is so heartwarming to know you really liked it :D we will definitely be adding to the game!

Games with reactive music is something that's new to me, but sounds so absolutely fun. Feel free to hit me up if you'd ever like to work on something together or just exchange cool stuff!

I was so absolutely charmed by this! Loved the concept and the gameplay. I have yet to get 3 cheese but I am trying to!

Absolutely dropping a follow! Looking forward to your future projects!!!

It was intuitive, easy to play but hard to master! Had an amazing time :D I'd love to see more!

Short and sweet experiences, I kept looking forward to the next thing I would encounter!

Super juicy and super fun, I could see myself playing this and just chilling.

If this doesn't give spooky scary s-cat-letons I don't know what does.

Can't want to see what you'll be adding after the uploads are enabled again :D

Adorable art and music! Having an indicator on which direction (vertical or horizontal) you are currently able to move might make it easier for players to learn how to play!

Absolutely got you on the snappiness and responsiveness of the dice throwing! It'll improve the feel of keeping the band playing.

We're pretty new to implementing music, but directional audio sounds like a fun challenge.

Thank you so much for playing!!!

Once we can update our game, we'll be squashing the bugs and making sure the band will be able to get the debut they deserve!

Thank you so much for trying it out, it means tons :D

I'm glad to know that you enjoyed the tunes! We had more tunes hanging out in the assets that we hadn't put in yet, so that's definitely our priority after the uploads open back up.

Thanks so much for the feedback - we'll crack down on all the wonkiness!

It's okay! We'll have all the time in the world to fix it up when uploads re-open!
I'm glad you had a jazzy experience ^_^

P.S. I absolutely LOVE your game, was definitely one of the highlights to me!

Absolutely will do! Thanks so much for dropping by :D

Omg thanks for checking it out! Time totally did slip us by :')

P.S. I saw your game WIP in a tweet and was absolutely blown away!!! Already played and rated it!

The addictiveness of this game alone makes this one of my most favourite jam games!

So juicy, would be more addictive if it was faster paced!

I would glady hear that "ow" on repeat

Took me a lil while to get the hang of it, but honestly was a banger :D

This is so charming and addictive!

Had an absolute BLAST if you know what I mean :>

Me too T^T we weren't able to make use of all the time available, but we hope it at least shows a glimpse of what we had in mind!

I'll be sure to drop by your game page!

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Thank you so much ^w^ we had hoped to nail a jazzy vibe
Will check out your submission too!

Thank you so much for trying it out :D I will check out your game too!

We're so glad you like it! We might polish it up a bit, but there are no concrete plans yet!

Stick em' anywhere!

Thank you so much for trying it :D

Aaa thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to try it out! ^-^

Hello! I'd really love to try this but don't have a Mac T^T Do you have a video or Windows build of this? Thanks!

An interesting to like, but thanks regardless haha!

Thank you! Tried out your game and can I just say, love the concept. Got me hooked right from the start!

Thank you! Your game was adorable too!

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Hello, thank you for your compliments! Also, I gave your game a shot! It was a little difficult to pick up at first, but nothing impossible. Kudos to you for making this by yourself, very amazing :D

Edit: Oops when the character dies it just sinks into the ground

Ahh that's unfortunate D: we did try to make the gameplay more difficult when testing but we ended up toning it back down to make it more accessible to different players! Thanks for your feedback!

I think you're cool ^ ^

If we have more time, we'd certainly love to add more levels or challenges! Glad you like it!

Thank you so much for giving it a try ^ o ^

Super charming! Love the style and the sounds ~

Bzzt bzzt - hope it didn't get too frantic haha. I tried out your game and I was hooked! When I finally figure out a level, I am super satisfied.

Thank you so much! I also tried out your game and although the concept is simple, I had a ton of fun with it! ^ ^