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I'll almost definitely be adding an example for zombie style behaviours. I doubt I'll be able to sort my own zombie mesh and animations in time, but I'll look at using third party ones to demo it here

That it be. Working on it :D

It would be a lot of work to do that - NeoFPS isn't currently set up for multiplayer and to get it properly working would require modifying some of the code. I'm looking at ways to improve the architecture for that, but it will be towards the end of the year before that will make a difference for you, at the earliest.

Similar goes for the third person body at this time. It's very much a body attached to a first person setup instead of a first person camera attached to a full body character. I'm adding AI soon, and doing some work for their body and weapon setup that should feed back into future third person / multiplayer solutions later in the year.

Sorry I don't have an easier reply for that just yet. As new features come online, the situation should improve drastically there.

Not yet, but they're coming in 2023

I count XBox One as newer because I'm old :D. I've never seen that fail wired though. Do you have any other gamepad software running like Joy2Key, XBCD, etc?

Either way the new input system should support it. The asset itself includes a version 1 of that system as an extension package. I'll look at switching the demos over once I've had some more time to polish it

Hi there. Is that connected via wireless? There's an issue in Unity where the hardware name is essentially random characters for newer xbox controllers connected wirelessly, so I can't detect it to assign it a proper mapping. I'll be switching over to a new input system soon, but there's no way for me to fix it without that unfortunately.

Hey there

Thanks for the feedback - it's always welcome. This is an asset, not a game atm, so bug fixes and extra options benefit all its users.

I'll look into point 1. I just reworked some of the keybinding, so I might have fixed it. I wasn't explicitly looking for that though. Will have it tracked down shortly if not.

2 is definitely doable. I've done similar for an integration with an asset for picking up scene objects. I'll add it to the list

3 I've fixed. I'll get a new build uploaded tomorrow with that fix in, along with some extra polish features.

I agree with 4. In part that's the animations of the baton. I need to do a full rework of the melee system though and expand it to match the firearms for features. Aiming for something along the lines of Vermintide 2, but I have a number of larger features to sort before I get to that.

Hi there. I paused work on the mobile version to prioritise AI and then multiplayer. The main asset is focused more on console and PC rather than mobile. I will be adding touch controls in the future, but I won't be marketing NeoFPS as a mobile FPS asset itself, and I'm not sure when/if I will get back on to the mobile asset. Sorry I don't have better news there

Hey there. Thanks for the suggestion. That's actually one of the big things I'm working towards now. Animations first, then a fairly simple built-in AI. I might expand on it for a separate asset in the future too :)

Of course. It uses the standard asset store license, so once you've bought it you're fine to use it in any commercial games without crediting. You just can't re-sell the art/sounds/code etc in source form (ie not packaged up as a game)

I'm not too sure at the moment. Working on animation for the new body awareness feature and the upcoming AI update after that. It's a big task. You can follow along on the discord though at

Yep. There is actually a demo scene for doors, including trigger zone based, animated and physical, as well as elevator doors. I'll be adding key locks and numeric locks (including destructible) soon too.

Hey there. There's one in the level select screen called "Swimming" (you might need to scroll down)

Sure. Are you expanding on it for the "Finish Your Game Jam"? I'll keep an eye on Messy's discord, but just give me a shout once you want me to have a look

I think the block binding wasn't set up by default, so after the first fight I rebound everything to lmb - attack, rmb - block and a mouse thumb button to lock on. With that setup, combat felt alright.

I did most of my fighting in the caves, and I don't think that suited the lock - on style that much. It feels like that needs some more open spaces. I also found that I wasn't sure if my blocking was effective. Is it a quick block that you need to time or something you call hold? If it's the former then I think the enemy attack animations need a visibile wind - up and brief pause before they strike, or some kind of indicator like the batman games. 

I also think in a full game, the combat tutorial could do with dragging out to cover each move. Training swords that barely hurt + a "now try blocking my attacks" phase kinda thing. 

The character controller felt pretty good. It's steep slopes handling was maybe a bit too forgiving. It felt like my route out of the mountain was more glitch than planned path. Other than that I'd just want to spend more time in other environments to get a feel for it

Nice idea (great films to use as a starting point), and I liked the style.

Reaching the wall openings felt a bit weird, but once I got a technique down it was doable. It kinda felt like it could do with some mechanic to rotate the room or gravity or something to make it more fluid. That or using ladders (I thought they were at first but I seemed to snag on the walls all the time so just took to jumping).

They are. Even the hypercube :P

Nice. First couple of minutes I was thinking this isn't that spooky. Those things in the woods though. I think I accidentally sidetracked a chunk by jumping up through the cave to the top of the mountain and then just running down to the inn. I also had a good explore of the other caves, and found some interesting stuff. There's definitely a story there that's worth exploring.

Good stuff.

My only real criticism is that the combat feels like it needs more impact. A good trail on the sword, and some VFX on impact would make a big difference. Same for taking damage. I found it was hard to keep track of when I was getting damaged without watching the health bar.

Definitely creepy. It feels like it needed some kind of backstory that unfolded as you explored. For a while I thought it was reordering around me as I went room to room. I get that just requires more time though.

I liked the 3 scary rooms at the end. Not sure if the very scary one was bugged, or it being in my head was the joke.

Not bad anyhow. It shows potential - had a bit of an outlast feel at the start, or maybe the haunted house from vampire: the masquerade

Liked it. Anything you want to tell us about your basement???

Overall the ambience was really good. The storm outside worked well. I was half expecting to see something in the trees every time the lightning flashed. I wasn't a huge fan of the drag to open for doors. It always felt like it was the opposite direction to what I expected. Not a huge deal though. The stream was also a nice touch :P

Good work

Really like it tbh. My first time round I didn't really get that the spooks were draining my torch. I thought it would ward them off (should have focussed more when I read the help :P). I found the treasure second time round though. Nice.

My only real criticisms are that I got snagged on the scenery quite often (made a bit worse by the stamina system meaning I couldn't just a lot of the time), and a few times I'd trigger the water penalty when I felt I should have been a good distance from the waters edge (a pirate that can't swim? :D)

Overall, I thought it was pretty well made

The visuals are great - consistent and full of character. The music fits really nicely too, but it could maybe do with more sound effects for things like jumping. Performance really messed with it though. It felt like it was a consistent 10-15fps and it made timing the jumps or anything like that impossible for me. Unfortunate, because I wanted to see what was further along but just getting to the end of the water section at the start was a pain. With smoother performance I'd say there's a lot of potential in the theme and style of it.

Pretty nice. I really like the visual style and the level design shows a lot of potential too. The music had character and fitted nicely (if the loops got a bit repetitive) but it would have benefited from some simple sound effects. The only real negative was that the character controller was pretty clunky. That's the main thing I'd focus on to take it any further

Pretty damn impressive tbh. From playing I assumed that you'd used an all in one asset for RTS / settler games, but looking at your asset list it seems you've used a bunch for visuals and animation, but the mechanics are custom? That's kinda crazy

Great concept (though no idea how it relates to the theme of the jam). To start off with I could guess where things were meant to be, and interacting with the world made sense. When it came time to hand the contract to the client, I couldn't guess where she was meant to be though. I would assume if it's your desk then you would know roughly where the other person would be in relation? Clicking around the top of the screen just made tapping noises. I think overall it got the obvious point of the difficulties of blindness across, but games are a primarily visual format and when the only other feedback is narration and canned sound effects it doesn't really work imo

I've not played a decent helicopter game in ages so nice to see someone trying it.

Controls were ok. I feel like the mappings were a bit non-standard for keyboard helicopter controls, but were quick to adapt to. The window didn't capture the mouse cursor which made it really hard to look around. I also had trouble working out where to drop stuff off once I'd picked it up, but that might have been related to the camera look issue.

In terms of the theme, it didn't really fit the 3 requirements.

Overall, some potential for a fun game to come out of this, and the world needs more arcadey helicopter sims

I like the presentation. Text adventure with turn based JRPG style combat is a good combo, and things like the map and inventory screen are a nice touch (though I couldn't find my gold count anywhere and it's not immediately obvious that clicking things in the inventory equips them). The writing was also pretty decent, though at times it felt like it fell into the trap of make a choice and get a random response, making it a bit trial and error. There were also a couple of times where the choice didn't feel fully explained (for example, first time I thought that running away would include my family, not just me being a wuss :P). Overall though I can see it having my potential. It's not usually my type of game, but seems well realised.

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Really nice idea, and a bunch of potential with a few issues (things missing rather than broken, so I assume just the kind of things that would be added with more development time). As other people have mentioned, it would be cool to see the actions affect the city and to get more feedback on what's happening - I would picture a more zoomed out view with things like swapping park geo to match the action, etc.

Gameplay wise, it needs some variety besides balancing daily +/-. I know it's aimed at all-comers, including kids, but once you got the daily cash inflow positive the rest took care of itself. It needs either a more complex interaction of the numbers or some added randomness. It was also hard to contextualise the numbers with the theme, so it kind of lost meaning. You could almost make it turn based (1 day = 1 turn) and present some simple graphs as news reports or something to show the daily change from the decisions.

Anyhow, that kind of feedback is more indicative that it's an idea worth exploring than anything else. Nice work

I liked the idea and the execution could have been good with a bit more polish, but let down by a few bugs / issues. The boss got stuck in the corner of the map instantly, so I could just stroll round and collect all the items no problem, but then the exit didn't unlock (I'm guessing the door on the right?). The graphics, animations and audio worked well though the music was a bit too loud and didn't loop but it felt like it fit.

Really liked it. I played it solo so hard to judge the difficulty, and it felt like there was a bit of weirdness with how jumping together could boost the jump height. Overall, great presentation, intuitive to play and the introduction of new elements each level worked really well

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. I'll be adding some graphics settings in the near future when I expand the post-processing. Can I ask about the lagging though? Was it constant or during specific actions? There's a known issue with the particle systems that the first time they spawn (bullet hits and explosions), there is a spike while all the resources are loaded. It smooths out over time, and I have a fix that should be in the next upload. Also, the WebGL version has some limitations that can affect performance, and I'll be switching to standalone desktop only as more features are added.

Cheers. More to come... :)

Thanks :)