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Fools ManorView game page

Only the foolish would dare to enter this Manor.
Submitted by warspawn (@warspawn) — 7 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Freaky and I like it a lot :)

It is fun, especially like the outside environment, nice lighting. You should definitely add follow the player to skeleton skull.


This game has an amazing creepy feeling to it!

I wish the hunched over creature would do something.

Once I found the axe, I was able to take care of the 'zombies' quickly

The game didn't end when I found the treasure though.

Submitted (1 edit)

It was pretty creepy how the rooms were identical, and the music was working really well. Performance was mostly good, and it was fun. We were not sure if we had finished it, or whether we were just lost, so if there is an exit we were not able to find it. If there was an exit, it would have been helpful to have an explicit "the goal is to find the exit" on the screen somewhere (or maybe we missed it?). The Very Scary room had nothing in it, which we weren't sure if it was a bug or not. Oh - the outside of the manor was very nicely decorated. Overall, nice work!

Definitely creepy. It feels like it needed some kind of backstory that unfolded as you explored. For a while I thought it was reordering around me as I went room to room. I get that just requires more time though.

I liked the 3 scary rooms at the end. Not sure if the very scary one was bugged, or it being in my head was the joke.

Not bad anyhow. It shows potential - had a bit of an outlast feel at the start, or maybe the haunted house from vampire: the masquerade


Played through all your games on stream today. Here is the VOD:

Your game featured at : 2:04:00

I liked the feel of this. Genuinely felt a little scared going into the hall of hands.

The sleeping zombie/zombie thing got me a little confused to say the least.

I ran out of light and couldn’t figure how to combine the oil with the lantern. I could get the combine option up but couldn’t get it to actually combine. Then it was too dark and I was too scared!


Hi all, since the jam was extended by 1 week, I will be updating my entry. Feel free to try it out early if you want, but pls check back again at the end :D

Jam Host

Thanks for submission Warspawn!!!!!