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Nice game, love that you publish it for free, even with source! Lot's of Respect!
Was a little annoyed by having to play the first level 3 times before realizing it could have be done the first time, so clear unlock goals while in a map or something would be really nice :)

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Nice Game, love how you packaged something very serious in a very entertaining Calzone. A little tedious to get the other endings.

Came here from Dark Future Dice :D

Most games will only work in Chrome...

Finished it, awesome mood & atmosphere & graphics & sound (knife throwing is a bit loud maybe)

I loved the 3rd boss, creepy...

Could grow darker a little faster, had way to much happy pills left at the end and only used them once or twice :)

Very nicely polished and cool soundtrack. Love the different levels. Evading the Bullets is a lot of fun, but becomes a little too repetitive/long sometimes.

Really anoying if the tower spawns on or directly next to you :)

I'm missing a goal/progress. It seems like a kind of stable base can be reached quite fast, and then held for quite some time by just rebuilding walls every now and then. If I start to build to much (or as the game progresses) it becomes more and more laggy to play.

Do you want to describe the goal of the game, or how you would have progressed with more time? & Me