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Dont let Hutnews know about this

It might be known, but recursive macros cause errors like “X does not have a variable ‘Y’” on live-reloads. I’ve got a setup like this:

and it causes errors when any of the FluxTime_* macros are referenced on live reloads, whether or not the FluxTime macro is defined above or below them.


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live_auto_call seems to cause a compile error when compiled with YYC, and more specifically that seems to be related to the macro’s argument_count and argument parts

I guess that’s related to why GameMaker used to not allow it? Oh well

Oh also, setting the live_enabled macro to 0 causes the live_auto_call macro to not get initialized I think (making it cause an error in the VM)

With GM’s new string arguments, it could be neat if putting string as the template string script name would change how template strings translate (“{0} {1} {2}” instead of “% % %”)

Having this slightly strange syntax highlighting with constructors, although it might be intentional.

Static variables set to functions are highlighted like functions, while ones set to methods are highlighted like instance variables. Also arguments and variables inside sub-functions get highlighted the same as the constructor’s arguments if they share the same name.

Nothing major, I just figure it’s worth reporting.

Also are binary literals meant to be supported? I assume not, since they don’t do any highlighting and display an error in the sidebar right now

It seems like at least 1 function signature was missed - array_unique (to other users: put live_function_add("array_unique(array, ...)", array_unique) at the end of the obj_gmlive create event). Also the macro is working nicely 🌛

This is so awesome

Minor bug - array_sort doesn’t seem to support true/false for the sortTypeOrFunction argument on live reloads

Highly wack-o, maybe GameMaker initializes integer literals in operations as int64s for precision? Either way, I’ll be taking that int64 workaround for now

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The precision seems to be lost at the point where n gets initialized as an int64 (54 binary digits), although modulo still works normally for smaller int64 types. (Could be a coincidence).

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On live reloads it seems like the precision of modulo is reduced, or something like that.

Essentially this code:

if(live_call()) return live_result;

show_debug_message(10000000000000001 % 2);

Results in this debug output:

It seems to work normally with one less digit, but it does cause minor issues for fetching the digits of large binary numbers. Using the most recent version of GMLive!!

show_debug_message is giving an error on live reloads about requiring at least 3 arguments.

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Raw code if you want to test it yourself

function Test(_value) constructor {
	if(live_call(_value)) return live_result;
	obj_list = [];
	value    = _value;
	static get_sum =function()/*=>*/ {
		var	_sum      = value,
			_objIndex = 0;;
			_sum += obj_list[_objIndex++].get_sum();
		return _sum;
	static add_obj =function(_obj)/*=>*/ {
		array_push(obj_list, _obj);
	var _obj = new Test(3);
	_obj.add_obj(new Test(5));
	_obj.add_obj(new Test(9));
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This might be one of the known unfixable constructor issues. BUT:

This code works initially, but hard crashes after a live reload with some kind of memory access error. Nothing changed in the live reload besides the addition of a semi-colon to make it reload.


Entering main loop.
Pause event has been registered for this frame
Pause event has been unregistered
[live][11/16/2022 4:33:42 PM] Reloaded Test.
Runner exited with non-zero status (0xc0000005 = 3221225477)
Compile Ended: 16:33:42
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Minor bug with static that you may already know about - doing something like:

function test(_value) constructor {
	if(live_call(_value)) return live_result;
	value = undefined;
	static set_value =(_value)=> {
		value = _value * 2;

causes an error about the set_value script being undefined after the live-reload occurs (putting the set_value call after the static definition works as normal).

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I tried adding one myself, but it seems like it only works for object events and not functions (I get this error when it tries to reload a function using the macro: Couldn't find functionName in 'C:\...\scrName.gml').

Anything akin to #macro LIVE if(live_call()) return live_result;, for quick and explicit convenience like this:

function cool_script(){
    draw_sprite(sprite, 0, 50, 50);

(Making this a request cause I assume it manually parses the script file for the live_call() or something like that, and supporting custom macros for that might be difficult).

Excellent work, very awesome

Is there a way to import multi-frame sprites in GMEdit without making each frame a separate file? Like how importing a file named “sprite_strip#.png” works in GMS2’s IDE

A dog and his tools…

NTTE discord channel

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try me babe:

NT:TE only supports NTT versions 9940 and 9944 right now 9944 is here:

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  • Only supports NTT versions 9940 and 9944 right now
  • Shaders should work on both 9940 & 9944, but only one shader works at a time in 9944 (if you load with other mods that use shaders it will crash, I think, so disable NT:TE’s shaders if you do that)
  • 🐞



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/loadwep spelunky/teleporter

maybe /loadwep teleporter

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yeah i think

The desync might have something to do with controllers, so maybe try just using mouse & keyboard if one of you was using a controller

That’s a bug with 9944, and normally it wouldn’t cause a crash but it seems like this file is missing from your NTT installation:

Downloading that and putting it in the same folder you installed NTT 9944 to should fix it

The best you can do is create a file called “startup.txt” in your mods folder and put the command “/load NTTE” in it, but that only makes it so you don’t have to type that command every time

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beat my highscore

Go team gamejams!!!!


dogspin loves you

i've got a knack for grabanakki!!!!

Awesome!!! I love spurblo

NT:TE community · Replied to BirdWorks in Bugs

Disabling shaders in NT:TE's options menu (Top right in character select or on the pause screen) should fix that for you