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Thank you for checking it out we’re glad you liked it.

I totally agree about the card buttons and the fact that damage it probably the best strat, next time we’ll try to work more on the balancing

why was katchup used as medicine?

cool game but i gotta know, why jump on Z :(

really interesting concept

so fun, love the gameboy feel it has to it

wow the art and music are so amazing

Fun concept, I'd suggest making the game a bit faster because you end up waiting a long time

cool game concept and GREAT music 

cool game, it was pretty confusiong that you didn't show the card details but you had them when they were summon

Really nice game, but I think it's missing some electric power

I think they are ok since your can master them pretty fast, but I think a great fix fox the clunkiness would be to allow jumping off the tongue while still holding space

love the dragon ball vibes

really fun really addictive game

I love frogs and your frog looks so good, also the entire game looks great, would to see you finish it and adding score and leaderboard


such a cool idea

Sick animation and great music gave me Kim Possible vibes, great game

Really cool game, I love the transition from the menu to the actuall game

Nice game, but I feel like the spikes on the bottom of the platforms are a bit too harsh, and I love the music

Cool game sir

Feels really good, would like the see a full game

Really fun game! I loved that every level introduced new stuff

Really fun game! I got to 844 on my first run and I'm going to play again and again. One suggestion is to let me  move between maps with my mouse

Wow this game is really cool, I loved how I unlocked the story as I played

the environment is so cool, I hoped to see more gameplay though

really cool game!

cool concept! the mechanics were a bit confusing

Great game, I would love it if I could get the speed boost of multiple mice

Cool idea! this is how I felt during the jam

liked the game loop!  oh god have mercy on the those lose souls

thanks for the great feedback we’re glad you enjoyed it, about the flamethrower we thought about it at the start and just never got around to doing it

lol yeah the 3rd level is a bit tricky with all the penguins but the Santa fight is really worth it, a little nick vs nick.

Thank you for playing!

thank you so much for playing, we know people will try the run strat so we added those traps and I think it did the job

yeah we wanted to that and sort of forget

Love the spin of a ghost buster in a rouge like, good game!

What a cool game! how did you come up with the idea?

I enjoyed the game, great level design and the overoverload is really cool

what a unique idea, really like it, would've liked a longer gameplay

Didn't quite understand the overload mechanic, do I die if I overload?

Anyway the art and music are really good and I'd like to see a full release!

good luck :)

Loved your videos that why I joined this jam, you really do never get to do music lol, good luck!